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Euskaraz Bizi Laskorain Ikastolan

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Basque Alive at Laskorain In 1967 some Basque nationalist parents founded Laskorain Ikastola. Parents talked about founding a Basque school But of course, it had to be done in a hidden way. They wanted a school on behalf of Basque and the Basque Country We wanted a school caring about our places, our villages... nothing out of the Basque Country We had been taught about Spanish geography, but never about Basque Geography So we wanted to learn about the Basque Country. Students learned Basque and used it with teachers but beyond that... The first ikastola was founded in 1921, and they published a leaflet to encourage parents to take their children there They showed their surprise when they heard a kid speaking Basque on the streets Most children spoke in Spanish at that time. When we were 15, all young people spoke Spanish, and we started approaching Basque as individuals. Parents also tended to speak Spanish to each other People of my age very rarely spoke Basque We lived that as a very bitter experience We were all trying and fighting, but but with very poor results We realised our students didn't speak Basque to each other Many of them would never speak Basque in the classroom; let alone out of the class. They would speak Basque to the teachers But in the playground, in the corridors... they switched to Spanish The feeling was that growing up involved spaeaking Spanish It was better considered to speak Spanish rather than Basque So the general tendency was to use Spanish out of the class They were all Basque speakers, but they used Spanish instead. Even if they spoke Basque in the class their relationship out of the class was completely in Spanish It was obvious that something had to be done to promote the use of Basque among them By 1985, it was clear that studying in Basque wasn't enough if we wanted them to communicate and live in Basque. They were studying Basque, but they wouldn't use it in their everyday life So something had to be done, and there came Basque Alive project. Basque Alive is a project to promote the use of Basque the project aims at students' using Basque for their everyday life, at school, at home... everywhere it expects students to choose Basque naturally as their language at an early age and to keep that choice all through their lives. The project plans a strategy aimed at students, parents, teachers... The project was first carried out in Lizarra. It had been working for 5 years by the time I came across with it. Emeterio, who was the headmaster for many years, was very worried and got surprised when he heard children speaking Basque in Lizarra He knew that the Ikastola in Lizarra had improved a lot during along those five years. I was stunned by their use of Basque Emeterio decided to import the project and devote to it If it was possible in Lizarra, why not in Tolosa? It all started as an experiment He made us be conscious of the need of such a project He tried to convince us that we had to get involved in another teaching model. and he managed to convince us the result was that teachers always used Basque among us, which wasn't the case in other places. Argitxo (the puppet): you are nice kids, aren't you? Kids: Yes!! Argitxo: As you always speak in Basque, I have brought your teacher a story for you. Argitxo: Will you listen to it attentively? Kids: Yes!!! Argitxo: (with a riddle) Don't forget to speak Basque when I leave! Pupils believed the puppet was the one speaking Argitxo became a magic character for them They were told that Argitxo was so small that it could hide anywhere in their bags, in their shelves... watching everything they did. That Argitxo could only understand Basque that Argitxo felt sad and lonely when they used Spanish with friends. So children dedided to speak Basque so that Argitxo would feel happy. Kids said things like: "yesterday I went to the mountain wih my parents, but I didn't see Argitxo" I can't forget the headmaster imitating the puppet in front of all teachers showing us how teachers had to use the puppet in order to be successful. asking us to promote weekly or monthly campaigns, and then getting feedback. We organised a boardgame, which implied students reflecting about their use of the language each day. We painted the check red if we had spoken Spanish and green if we had used Basque and we wouldn't lie! We had to find positive ways to make children feel that it was necessary to speak Basque We rewarded the use of Basque, and the campaigns were always playful and fun. We didn't want the kids to feel they had extra work or a load. Green meant double breaktime, red meant no breaktime. But we never lied! Basque Alive didn't only focus on lecture time It aimed at the student as a whole, it had a comprehensive approach If they spoke Basque they were given a brick to build a house. We tried to promote Basque in the classroom, in the corridors, in the playground... We launched campaigns to promote the use of Basque on the streets, among friends. At the beginning of the project there were four Ikastolas working on it. We tried to cooperate for example organising mountain trips altogether Every year we set up a postbox at the top of a hill. We live it as a twinning event We organized sport competitions summer camps, mountain trips, English camps and that wouldn't have been possible without the help of Kazkabarra Kazkabarra members organize it all: events, monitoring jobs... Kazkabarra is a leisure club linked to Laskorain. The aim is to promote Basque in leisure activities, in our free time. The club is one of the most important promoters of Basque We feel independent to organize our activities even though we get assistance from Ikastola whenever it is necessary. They organize trips to the coast for the weekend They organize activities for the afternoons (ice-skating, parks...) They also organize the carnival parades, which is very hard and demands great dedication. We used to choose Basque topics for the parade But this time, we decided to write Basque lyrics for international songs like Lady Gaga's. to show that anything was possible in Basque. It was a surprise that shocked everyone Some people didn't understand our objective at the beginning But the result calmed everyone's fears Pablo Suberbiola (sociolinguist) We have noticed that in the Basque Country most pupils at the age of 9 speak Basque to each other in the class, but 6 out of 10 speak Spanish in the playground. We register the use of Basque and Spanish in informal contexts and we are proud to see that the results in Laskorain are very good the resuls in the last years show it. In the last 8 years results have shown that 95% of the students were speaking Basque in the playground. That was our dream! That sounded incredible before! 95%! Results are difficult to improve They are almost unbelievable Our main thread is Basque, and all our students have had it since an early age so if the woollen thread was there, why not knit a pullover by the time they got to high school? Basque Alive project has poured all over us, permeating all our lives. We have assumed it, and we transmit it. It is very important to all of us Special emphasis has been made on the project. Congratulations to everyone working on it It is a project that could be shown in Europe and all over the world We should live in Basque because we have been born Basque because it is a way to show that we can have a fairer world because we enjoy life in Basque, we get angry in Basque because we want to dream in Basque and because this linguistic community deserves a future Because we are Basque As Emeterio used to say: we are Basque because we have Basque We can't live without Basque I wouldn't be myself without Basque I feel Basque, so for me speaking Basque is the most natural choice. Because we are Basque Because we want so, as individuals and as a society because if our language were not alive, we wouldn't be alive either If we want a language to be alive, it's got to be in our lips it's got be out on the streets, and that's our challenge if we don't speak Basque, who will? What would a Basque person be without Basque? ♫♫♫♫ singing songs about Argitxo and Basque Alive ♫♫♫

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Euskaraz Bizi Laskorain Ikastolan

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