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How One Church Uses Two PreSonus 16.4.2 Mixers

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[♪♫♪♫.........Music Playing] A couple of years ago at Family Bible Church, we decided we needed to upgrade or system. I decided to go with the <a href="">PreSonus StudioLive</a>. We ended up combining two 16.4.2s together to give us 32 channels and it was a great upgrade. A few of the features we like the most are the fact that you can recall scenes, and we've got multiple praise teams here and we are able to recall each praise team and how they like their individual mix. And, when you're using volunteers every week, that's a huge asset to your ministry.

The ease of use for the StudioLive makes it simple for the volunteers to step in at the last minute and be able to mix the sound. The added features of being able to control it with the iPad makes it easier for me as the leader to control the mix from the stage when needed. The Fat Channel is huge for us. Being able to compress each individual channel and to EQ each individual channel. We've also been able to go back after rehearsals, mix it down, and make sure the mix is good for the in-ears before they even come in on Sundays.

We're also a church that produces our services online and also on our local cable channel. Using StudioLive and being able to mix it down in Studio One Producer is huge for us as well. Overall I'd say that the StudioLive was the best product we could have purchased. It beat out every other company we considered because of all the features that it offered and the great price point. [♪♫♪♫....Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jan 27, 2014

Jon Gerten of Family Bible Church talks about why his church decided to go with two PreSonus 16.4.2 daisy-chained together to upgrade their sound system. He shows you how easy they are to use, especially for volunteers without a lot of audio-engineering experience.

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