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7 x 7 Experience Taking A Trip *App images may not be current When you're online and your app beeps and lights up, you are receiving a rider request. The Uber system connects us to riders based on proximity, type of ride, and destination. You have received this request because you are the best match for this rider. If we always pick up the riders that are our best matches, that means that we stay busier and the riders have a better experience. It's okay to refuse a trip request every now and then but generally, if you are online, you want to accept those trip requests, so you can make money and the Uber system can stay efficient. If you find that you are refusing a lot of requests, Uber may send you a message about your acceptance rate. That circle is in fact the timer. You have about 10 seconds to accept a trip request. Getting a trip request can give you a rush of energy. Each trip can be an adventure. If it's safe to do so, you can actually park and take a look at the rider request screen to get more information about that trip. It's okay to let a trip request timeout if it's not safe to accept it or if you need to take a break. Do you see where it says one minute? That's about how long it should take you to pick up the rider from your location, though traffic isn't always calculated with this estimate. This screen also shows you the rider's pick up point, their star rating, and the kind of Uber they have ordered. As a reminder, it is important to only go online when you really are ready to drive. What happens if you receive a trip request when you aren't in your car. Maybe the Uber app told the rider you were five minutes away but now it's taking you 10 minutes to get there because you weren't ready to go. While the rider can only rate you after a trip is over, they may give you a bad rating for making them wait for so long. Once you accept the trip request, you will then make your way to the pick up point. When you are close to your rider, the app automatically sends the rider a notification that you are arriving. The destination will appear after you have started the trip. It's a good idea to confirm the address by saying something like, "It looks like we're going to 123 Main Street. Is that correct?" Once you get your rider to their destination, you can complete the trip and then enter the star rating for the rider, then you're ready to get on another trip. Taking A Trip Review Only go online when you are ready to drive. It's a good idea to confirm the destination address.

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