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HOM 7 - Earth as Vacuum to have Atmosphere?

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This is Jack, again. I’m continuing where I ended off, by explaining the first design (but, remember, this was only the design which they played with interdimensionally, and not actually manifested it yet). So, they knew they required hand forms (which were pretty big, bigger than the rest of the physical form). They had the head; it was the normal shape that it is right now (more of a round egg-shape [vertical egg]). They had then, of course, the body parts as they exist now. The legs were long, straight. Feet: huge, very big, as big as the hands they were REALLY big). But, the feet were more in a claw-way; the hands were more physical hand-like (if you take gorillas, or even big apes, that would be like the form of the hands, almost, and the feet--to a certain extent, not completely). So, the feet were really massive, with these claws. Why the claws, specifically? So that when they walked, they were able to walk properly on this manifested ground, and they were able to claw themselves in (especially when they were required to pull the gold pieces out of certain instruments and stuff). They were required to REALLY dig into the ground--you know, STRONG--and like pull it [gold] out; so, they required a stable, big manifested placement of themselves. The physical body, the form itself, wasn’t really that important; it was more the feet and the hands. Then, of course, the eyes. The eyes were more also kind of Reptilian-like (more like slits [referring to how the eyelids are set--horizontal slits], yet round inside [referring to the eyeballs]); and it had a view, if you take, for instance, cats, that form, point-circular-point [the cat’s pupil]. That was their basic design, first. They went, “This looks cool.” That was just like in a picture form, remember that; it was just ‘drawn,’ to a certain extent. They said, “Okay, this looks cool,” you know? But now, they had an interesting thing; they could see (I mean, everyone can see). They didn’t necessarily breathe. They wondered how they are going to sustain this form here; how does that work, how does what exist here exist, how do they exist, how do they see--you know, that started coming out. Because, imagine you were in this world and you didn’t have--what do you call it?--doctors/scientists that discovered how you see, how you think, how your brain works, how your physical body works; and you would want to find out. How do I see; that question probably, most definitely would have come up, you know, because how else does anything exist here? Because such questions came forth; how do people see?--you know--how do you breathe, how does that really work? That’s the same questions that the Annunaki asked, with the Atlanteans; “How will this form/this vessel sustain itself here?” Now, remember, first there was only the ground. In terms of the expression of nature and the plants and things, that developed--interesting--on its own, to a certain extent. But it wasn’t specifically in this form. It wasn’t in the form of trees as you see it now. It wasn’t in the form and shape of plants. It was ONE expression. It was beautiful, magnificent. They wondered, “Okay. But now, how does this work? How did it manifest in the first place?” Because they didn’t know. All that they did was place in the gravitation to the center core of this planet; and from that, everything else just started manifesting and coming forth. So, they started investigating (with the Atlanteans’ assistance, of course). Because they realized that what is busy happening is that a vacuum is being formed, a vacuum here on this planet. That’s where the expression of nature and the entire cycle of-- what do you call it?--the CO2 and the O2 and whatnot [laughs], air and oxygen and -I don’t know, I’m not scientific, I don’t know the meanings of everything; but you know, when you breathe, what you breathe in and what you breathe out, it is just the same as plants and nature. So, in terms of sustaining the physical form--now, just to get back more specifically (I apologize if I’m jumping a bit, but I just need to have you be on par)-- that was developed roundabout when, basically, nature was reasonably manifested; but not like this. I’ll tell you now how it became like what you call ‘trees,’ ‘flowers,’ ‘plants,’ and interesting manifested expressions like that. So, they went to nature; they went to ‘what exists here,’ and how it exists/how it sustains itself. So, they required to understand how this planet sustains itself, manifested. That’s when they kind of discovered how it is as though everything breathes; that there is something that exists of this planet that breathes. But, they didn’t define it as a ‘breathing’; they actually believed that this planet was alive in itself. It was amazing; because, how do you explain something like that? Even for the Atlanteans and Anu, they didn’t understand it. They really believed this planet was alive, because it was sustaining itself, it was expressing itself; and it wasn’t happening anywhere else. So, they found out, in terms of how this planet sustains itself/how nature as we refer to it now) sustains itself. I’ll continue in my next interview of how they then developed the intricate nature of the physical human form. This is Jack. Thanks.

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History of Man 7 - Earth as Vacuum to have Atmosphere?

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