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Jacque Fresco - Selfishness, Concern For Others (1975)

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So, when a person says I don't care, it means I don't have an investment in that area; I am changing the environment. But when you come up to me with, my house burned to the ground, and he says, I don't care that means, I'm not making any payments on it, I don't collect insurance on it, and I don't have any relationship to it, so, I don't care means I have no investment in it. So, you got to understand that. When a person says I do care, you care about people, yes, good. There are people on the planet Euripides that are dying of starvation. What is Euripides, 80 million light years and a half away. If you send a buck and a half, it will diminish their starvation. Some people might do that. Now, if you say that there are 80 quadrillion Euripides out in space, and you need a penny for each one, and you give as many pennies as you can, and then you finally realize that there are zillions of Euripides out there, you see? Then they don't give a shit. It becomes too big, too big for them to comprehend. And that's why anything outside of Weewalkin County Virginia is in another universe. And that's why the tight knit family, whether it be the Jewish, Italian or Greek family, and the family has an institution that is easy to perceive. And when it comes to things like a community, the luxury of that kind of thought is difficult to perceive. Being concerned with other people means less in your house, means less cake, less bread, less luxuries, no hi-fi in your car. So, being selfish is reinforced. So you would ask me, why are people so selfish? Because when they are not selfish, they flip the switch and the light doesn't go on. And when they put on their hi-fi, and they listen to music, it doesn't sound as good, because they didn't buy the needle that costs $12, they bought the needle that costs 3 cents. When they are selfish, their music sounds better, they get steak and potatoes, They have got to understand selfishness, I'm using that word, self reinforcement to the extreme, is actually the luxury of giving things away, doesn't pay off in terms of the individual. And when you walk in here and ask why human being so selfish? It's because it is reinforced. Anything you don't understand about that? You should be able to understand that. Now, children can not afford the luxury of concern about other children. We can teach them that. We can teach children not to make any kind of noise at all, if there is an adult around. Without being frustrated, god, when they leave I will be able to make noise. They could be conditioned to enjoy yielding. Can any of you think of an example where an organism is conditioned to enjoy yielding? See if you can recall any event, that a person would yield to someone else. Nobody can? - in the general area of what we call polite behavior - Yep. - You yield and let the old lady go ahead, open the door for the old lady, somewhere in the past it has being reinforced, someone patted you on the back, said you are a good guy or something. - Right, if you reinforce any elements of behavior, or rewarded, you can get people to be excessively generous. And to the point where it almost appears ridiculous to you. And I just want you to know that it is the same with any pattern of behavior, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to you. I can get people to jump into volcanoes voluntarily, and fight to be the first one to jump in. Does anybody know how that would be done? - Well it depends how you propose it? (laughter) - Do you know anything? - He has got to have anything... - The Kamikaze pilot, he dives his airplane into an aircraft carrier. In the beginning, the Germans, when they had a suicide group there, the ones they called Kamikaze pilots, the Japanese, the Japanese worked it out this way, they designed an airplane, in the beginning, and they put the guy in, and he was to die in that plane or aircraft carrier or whatever, because he had just enough fuel to the aircraft carrier, just a little more. And now when they kick off his landing gear, he makes a sign? You see what i mean? And in some cases they were locked into the canopy. When you locked a guy in the canopy, and when he takes off, his landing gear is gone he is not turning around and coming home. Why? No. And also, he goes right to the happy heaven land then. The vikings. Valhalla. You know what it is? Heaven. If a viking dies in battle, he goes to the heaven. Otherwise he would never go to heaven. Isn't that interesting? So, a viking had to die in battle, if he wanted to go to heaven. So, you can condition people to jump into a volcano, dive their plane into things, you know, run into a flamethrower if this is their area of reinforcement

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A short clip from Fresco's Classic Lecture Series, (1a) "Optimum Tools"- February 2, 1975.

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