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Workstyle Freestyle - 'Creative'

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Welcome to #WorkstyleFreestyle

I am Alex, and I'm Lizzie and today we've got a very special guest continuing our Managing Director series. Welcome! So, can you tell us who you are and why you joined Hoxby? Hi, I'm Ursula Capell-Helm and I joined Hoxby because when I found it, it just felt like coming home like I'd found my tribe basically. Fantastic. And you run one of our Business Units as well which one do you run and what does it do? That's right, I run the Business Unit, Hoxby Creative which is effectively a full service creative agency with amazing talent from our community. Brilliant, and you guys have created all of our fantastic and inspiring videos that we've been releasing recently can you give us an idea of a few of the other clients that you've also worked with? So we've worked with Merck, AIA, Xeco, Korn Ferry, Bristol Energy and of course as you've already mentioned, Hoxby and more. Yes, you did the Hoxby branding didn't you? And obviously that would have been your favourite project but if I had to push you for another one what would you say? Cool, I would say, a favourite project was our six month brand development project with AIA. Where we went through everything from band audit to evolution of the brand personality and through into evolution of the identity it was a great collaboration with our clients. Yes, a brilliant client, as well as a brilliant project there. And so people who are watching this and feeling inspired and want to do one thing what would you say to them to do? I would say, please get in touch email me [email protected] let's start a conversation! Fab! Brilliant! Thank you so much, it's been brilliant talking to you and fantastic to hear about all the fantastic work that Hoxby Creative have been doing. Thanks for joining us! We've been #WorkstyleFreestyle, we'll see you next time!

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