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Jose, 1957 (#1076)

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Hello. My name is Jose. I will share a story that can help many people, as it helped me. And it still helps me. It all began many years ago when I first came to this country. I began to work in a well known hotel. And there I met a person who was one of my bosses, he was chief of the catering department at that hotel. A young, happy, friendly person. Everyone would feel envy when seeing such a young and successful person. One story I remember about him is that once he sent me to change the water in his fish tank. And I didn't know and I put cold water in and all the fish died. But he told me, "No problem. I will have to buy more fish." And I always said "Hello" to him. That person was very kind, very happy, enthusiastic. And I admired him, because even when he was my boss he never acted with superiority or arrogance. A very friendly person. Then came one day when I saw him arrive in a hurry and, in a small carton box, in a small box, he took all his belongings. And I remember he told me, "Jose, I will come back for the fish. Could you please change their water?" "OK, yes. No problem. I will come." I was confused about seeing him in a hurry, and I looked at him for a while. His face, I don't know, I don't know, was very different. My curiosity grew after a week passed and I didn't see him. After three more days passed during the following week, I finally asked my manager what had happened to Michael. And he told me, "Michael died. Three days ago." "But, how could someone die so young? When I looked at the man, he seemed OK." And my manager told me, "I donĀ“t know what happened to him." He was such an intelligent man, but he failed. He didn't take care. He died because of that horrible illness. AIDS. I can't forget that that's why he came to to... Unfortunately, I had to take on a big responsibility and learn to take care of myself. To take care of myself. To take precautions. To know, to know how to take care of myself. I say this, I share this because it can help other people. I think so. Bye.

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