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I come back AfterLife/Death: Sigue, Missing Child killed by Mom's Whoremaster

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Desteni Presents: Vlogs from AfterLife/Death - Sigue Hi, my name is Sigue. I am here to, share my experience of, my Life my 'short Life' here on earth and, how I died. I died when I was, six years old. I had never gone to school, I was raised by, my mother 'alone'. and my mother was 'a prostitute'. and when she fell pregnant with me, she, decided that, she couldn't 'kill me'. through having an abortion. So, she then decided to have me, and when I was 'a girl', she was, very much ecstatic about that, because As I was, four years old, four or five years old I actually grew up with, with all sorts of different 'males' My mother saw me, as an opportunity, to make 'more money', within her business of prostitution. So, Ever since I was a baby, she, would specificly 'attract men' that had the, sexual, inner, desires of fon- fondling children, babies - very young children. and, there are men, and even women that exists in this world, that have such 'inner sexual desires' So, ever since I was a baby, she would Keep me within her room, or in the confinements of her room. Within an apartment, within which we 'stayed' that was, quite interestingly 'Setup with' all sorts of, 'cloths' and, decorations and 'lights' and She had this 'huge huge' bed, in the center of the room. and then we had our kitchen, to the right corner, and our bath room was 'at the back'. and then you had the door entrance in which you come in. and it was, one of those big, gipsy princess beds. All colorful, it was all sort of 'colors' red, purple, orange, yellow, Black, white, pearl, Pink, it was, a magnificent room, and I had my 'crib', always 'to the left', of the of the apartment room. That's when you come in, my crib will be straight before you, in front of you at the back. and, She would bring men that, specificly had such, inner sexual desire, of fondling with children. and she made extra money, from that perspective. So, I didn't know, another 'Life', and when I was, three four, five, and six, I would 'join' her in her bed with, the male she had brought. and, I would usually lie with my hands, at the back of my head and, my legs opened. She 'we' did lots of exercises so we were both quite 'flexible', and my legs would always be opened and I would just lie there, and smiled and opened my eyes. Very wide and smile and, open myself up completely. and then the male would, fondle me. She never allowed penetration, only fondling with her, she allowed penetration. Sometimes when she had, sex with the male, I would have to touch his penis or put my finger in his bum or, something like that. which was alright. it was natural to me. (smile) as, interestingly 'sick' it might sound, and, then, One evening, she brought home, a male. That was, he was quite, hugely built, he was sweaty. and, I remember him because he was, rather different to all the other males that we had 'brought before'. or that my mother had brought before. and again I, undressed myself, and I laid- I lay myself down on the big bed my mother had just, her 'see through' gown on, and then you can see her, naked body underneath it, and she had this big red hair, 'big eyes', fair skin she was beautiful. and, I had black hair. and, he undressed himself, and he came, onto the bed. and then he did 'something', that, hadn't happened before. He hit my mother right by her head, and knocked her unconscious. and, I was so afraid because, my eyes- everything just stopped, and I froze completely. Entirely I just froze, and He held me by my wrists, down, and he held me so tight, that my wrists broke He snapped- he just (force) he held me like that, and my wrists my, my left? My - left wrist, fractured, my right wrist broke. and, He penetrated me, hard, and fierce. Over and over and over again, inside my body. and, Because of his, robust nature, with regards to penetrating me over and over and over again. and then at the same time he would, He would handle me like I was, some, sort of soft toy, 'hold me' penetrate me with his fingers, with his penis, put me on top of him. and, bones' broke and, my body gave in 'completely' because he handled me, as though, I didn't have a physical structure. and, then I died. and he took my body. He took a 'plastic bag', from the kitchen. and he drove off, in his car with me. and to this day my, mother's still looking for me. This happened, fourteen months ago. and she cannot, go to the police. or anything like that. So to her I am gone at this moment. (sigh) and that's, what happened to me. When I was six years old. in this world, within which we, currently exist. Thank you. More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 29, 2009


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