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HOM 29 - Apparitions - Spirits - Ghosts - Unexplained Phenomena

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: HOM 29 - Ghosts and Mind Projections (Jack) ok, this is Jack mind and- mind projections ok I want to have to look more specifically in terms of what exactly interdimensional interdimnesionality in terms of manifestation stopped at the moment if I look at it, it was actually when the Egyptians when- during the Egyptian era so, in terms of ghosts and etc, those are merely mind projections literally mind projections are quite simple it is the integration of a interdimensional being into a human being not completely though just basically the mind area just stood (head in) walk in of the mind and, then the being takes you to a place 'in your mind', ok? now it is- it's a, it causes a dimensional shift in other words your reality let's say you're sitting in your living room for instance or if you you know, I am certain you all you're sitting in your living room and what you see is a certain projection, it is a picture remember this whole world reality is- ok I'll tell you later what you're seeing is actually a projection it is- it is a real but it's not real, at the same time so other words in terms of manipulating projections as mind projections it's quite simple so, the being would just integrate into your mind- head area and just insert another manifested projection within a projection that you're already seeing so that's like that's what a dimensional shift is you- see something, and then another something is placed 'in that something' to make you "think", what you're seeing is a manifestation or a- what do they call it apparitions oh and this was mostly to just to keep beings busy, occupied having fun, I mean you know the beings enjoy the dimensional beings- oh! but they first of course to ask permission all and every single dimensional being that wanted access here on earth in anyway whatsoever, first you have to go by Anu personally Anu was basically the god now of earth and the dimensions and existence in it's entirety because everyone feared him and his race actually, they became real mean bosses so they've to ask permission when they ask permission they would be, you know approved or declined, depending on how much you what you're going to say to enslave the human beings, the more the words that is what we spoken by the dimensional beings enslaves and screw them over even more, in terms of not directing them to the, down the 'incorrect' path you know it's like going wrong way the right way but making the 'wrong way' the right way it's interesting and so, for instance people, I notice it's difficult but it's how it happened in other words in anything that you seen in terms of manifestation of ghosts or apparition or things like that it happens through your mind no being had actually ever been able to manifest here on earth since Anu and them though you are able to what is interesting is you are able to have a being seem manifested here on earth, if you have collective if you have many beings, let's say you have a dimensional being in each and every- let's say there is many beings in one group many, I am talking about you know fifteen thousand ten thousand around there now there's, ten thousand beings for instance fifteen thousand beings human beings on earth and there is fifteen thousand ten thousand dimensional beings having the same projection manifestation of this, environment these ten fifteen thousand beings are seeing they want to actually manifest what seems like a actual human being that's how it's done in that way so, in terms of any manifestations of 'actual human beings' (no) it's never worked right? ever I know, I have been in existence for eons of time so that's how, mind projection worked which is apparition and ghost manifestations and 'presumably' human beings that manifested so next I will cover channelings to see how that work exactly and then we will see what happen next thanks this is Jack Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Yolanda King, Nicola Tesla, Dorphins CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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