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Linehandling Workboat

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[MARITIME TRAINING SERVICES INC.] [In case of any conflict between the requirements shown in the movie] [and the company's safety management system (SMS), please follow the company's SMS requirements] [LINE HANDLING WORKBOATS] Towing vessels are the workhorses of the oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes. And because they can be partnered with a variety of other craft, barges, supertankers, oil rigs, they require competent flexible line handling that is appropriate for a variety of conditions and challenges. The dynamics of towing where multiple forces and stresses are in play, take special care and communication. You may have one line on a bitt, [CAPT Jeff Slesinger, Western Towboat Company] you may have another line on a captain that's under strain. And as things move around, suddenly your playing field has changed. In this program, you will learn how to stage your lines [STAGE LINES] for different types of operations [KNOW THEIR FRICTION CHARACTERISTICS] and knowing their friction characteristics. [USE MESSENGER LINES TO MAKE HEAVY TRANSFERS] Best practices for using messenger lines to make heavy transfers of heavy lines, ship-to-ship. [COMMON TOWING CONFIGURATIONS] The three common towing configurations, [PUSHING AHEAD, TOWING ALONGSIDE, TOWING ASTERN] pushing ahead, towing alongside, and towing astern. [WINCH OPERATIONS CAN BE DANGEROUS] Understand why winch operations are dangerous [KNOW WHO'S IN CONTROL] and know the chain of command. [ASSISTS AND ESCORTS] Knowing ship shore communication [REQUIRE SPECIAL COORDINATION AND COMMUNICATIONS] and coordination procedures. In the pre-work meeting, pay attention to roles and responsibilities, equipment to be used and lines of authority. It's useful to stage the equipment and lines you'll be using and fake ropes and lines so you're working off a tidy organized deck. Especially as you're using lines to bring two vessels closer together it's critical that you know the friction coefficients and holding characteristics of the lines you're using. Some lines are simply more slippery than others. Most large lines have a smaller diameter messenger line attached to make it easier to throw from one vessel to the other. A monkey's fist or heavy knot at the end can make throwing easier. [MONKEY'S FIST] But the monkey's fist should never be artificially weighted [SHOULD NEVER BE ARTIFICIALLY WEIGHTED] that can crack heads and break bones. There are three common towing configurations which require line handling. Pushing ahead puts the tugboats power behind the barge or vessel and requires positioning control and stabilizing to keep the two vessels aligned along their course. Towing alongside requires the towboat to be linked in parallel to the other vessel. This maneuver is often used in tight quarters or for guiding a vessel into a mooring position or freeing it from one. The most common configuration is towing astern, where the towboat is linked via a line from its tow winch to the bowl of the other vessel. In a long tow, one line is used with greater distance between the two vessels. This line may be lengthened or shortened depending on location, speed, and general conditions. A short tow may use multiple tow lines with less distance between vessels. Winch operations can be controlled from the deck or from the pilot house. They require precise communications via signals and or radios. Tightening and slackening of lines and chains is required to marry them together and to initiate the towing evolution. Always respect the gypsy heads and capstans, which put pressure on lines and be aware of snapback. Yeah, with any type of snapback, something's causing that rope to break. [Terry Crump, Samson Rope] So there is a force of vector force going one direction, so it's intuitive that whatever cause that force is gonna cause whatever breaks to come in that direction. Pay special attention to the angles and pressure points created by your line deployment. The wrap angle force equation is common sense if you're putting more pressure on a fixed bollard or bitt, especially with today's super strength line, you increase that fixtures vulnerability. Towboat skippers will often order their crews to freshen the bite, which involves relatively small variations in the length of the tow to relieve chafing or stress on anyone particular part of a line over time. Ship assist and escort work requires special communications with the other vessel and its personnel and with people on shore. Make sure you include these other teams in your communication and the procedures you are required to follow. And be aware that intraship line handling with so many dynamics involved may be the most dangerous set of conditions you'll face. When alongside a vessel and leaning into or away from a ship, be aware of the danger zone. Stand clear of any lines coming under a strain. If you're unsure about a procedure, a command, or a communications channel, don't be afraid to ask for clarification, it's what keeps safe sailors afloat. To sum up this video, stage your lines for each operation [STAGE LINES KNOW THEIR FRICTION CHARACTERISTICS] and know their friction characteristics. [USE MESSENGER LINES TO MAKE HEAVY TRANSFERS] Use messenger lines to make transfers of heavy line ship-to-ship. [COMMON TOWING CONFIGURATIONS] Know the three common towing configurations. Pushing ahead, towing alongside, and towing astern, both long and short tows. [WINCH OPERATIONS CAN BE ESPECIALLY DANGEROUS] Winch operations can be especially dangerous. Know who's in control and make sure you're up on all the procedures. [ASSISTS AND ESCORTS] Assists and escorts will require special coordination and communication with the shore and with the other vessel. [MTS, Maritime Training Services]

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Linehandling Workboat

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