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Millionaires with Equal Money

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MILLIONAIRES WITH EQUAL MONEY Millionaires with Equal Money System Yes believe or not like Ripley's believe it or not This will really rip the heart out of all opposition because we will show within the Equal Money System that everyone on earth will be living equal to how a millionaire live today in this world with everything you can dream of That's Equality Getting all the benefit of all the past ages without all the negativity of the past Standing one and Equal as neighbors here on earth custodians of the earth without abusing it Because all abuse comes from a great misunderstanding that apparently you have to be somehow flawed and born in sin struggling to survive for some unseen force while nothing that's going on here on earth is really understood Have a look now for instance in Libya and with the revolutions The human rights council is not even set They don't really care, you see because none of the fuckers sitting in the human rights council of the UN have ever been in the situation that the people are in now as they are struggling for their survival Where there was obviously no human rights so what is the point of having a human rights council when human right is not in fact everywhere in this world in application and now you have to have people die before they are going to have a meeting!? It's a fucking joke So But we will sort that out All will be millionaires with Equal Money You check it out Investigate And in this year, before 2012 dawn upon you The Equal Money Bible the handbook describing how it will function and why and where it comes from will be available in as many languages as possible It will be released at the same time Obviously for you fundies out there there will be only 1000 copies that will be hard cover for collection So investigate when we start to release those points There will be only 1000 The rest will be for everyone available Millionaires yes millionaires, not billionaires no billionaires will actually have to take a step down because that's like extensive abuse But the millionaires in this world over 6 billion of them - will not be abusers It will take a while to get used to all the money, isn't it? Or to all the support Or to a life style where you are no longer a slave yet you have to care about your neighbor That'll be quite a story It will take many years - anything between 10 and 20 years for this to be in effect Find out why find out how if you really care Equal Money is real compassion Investigate why we say that

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Country: South Africa
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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 28, 2011

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