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Pokemon 10!

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Pikachu! The awe inspiring, mysterious and powerful world of Pokemon in all of it's many shapes and forms. A wealth of creatures that grace every nook and cranny of our beautiful planet in numbers that may never be truly known in their entirety Some masters of the heavens above, caretakers and helpmates of the earth below, watchful eyes and ears throughout recorded history and beyond. Living shoulder to shoulder with people,while others live solitary lives in their natural environment. And then there are pokemon who form vast communities all expressing life in their own unique way. Setting off larger than life, breathtaking forms with equal majesty in miniature, the world of pokemon, truly is a world of wonder! Capturing the fantasy of many, including a certain young man, Who, along with his partner, Pikachu, is battling his way to attain the title of Pokemon master. A journey of adventure, hard work and training shared with friends. with new friends around every corner and new experiences at every turn, case in point, the newest adventure dead ahead. The space-time rift and there, a reality exposed here to for unheard of . Poised to redefine the undiscovered and the mysterious. Two entities that never should have met crossed paths in the space time rift. This unfated meeting has brought forth their unbridled wrath enveloping the city, and as a result, all is collapsing. What could be the true meaning of this horrible nightmare? Cody's diary huh? Wow! What an interesting find! wha-? It appears our heroes have found themselves a beautiful day on which to continue their journey. Ash's quest for pokemon mastership is shared with Pikachu, Dawn and Brock while all quest for excitement and the next sight of both quests is the pokemon contest located in Alamost town. Shouldn't we have gotten there by now? Almost. And there it is, Alamost town, right over that hill!. I bet'ya as soon as we get there, we'll find some great battles. I got here ready for the contest! So many dresses to wear in so little time! Hold on! Looks like we're on the wrong shore... Huh!? And I'm exhausted. Uhhh, me too. Would you all like a lift? Huh? Hi there! We can't thank you enough for your kindness! So, my name, dear, is Brock. would you honor us by telling your name? My name's Alice. So it's Alice, from Alamost town! I can't believe I don't have you written down in my little blue book of babes! Silly me! Ugh, I'm such a dummy. There's only one thing to do. Let me take you out! After Croagunk takes me our. Now, my name's Dawn. I'm entering the Alamost town Pokemon contest. Hi I'm Ash, and this is my partner, Pikachu. Awesome, we're really moving! What a pretty lake. Yeah, not as pretty as Alice! You're quick. He's used to it. Well, I work part time as a hot air balloon tour guide. But I also spend most of my time as a music student. Leaf whistle? You see? The pokemon are showing me which way the wind's blowing. Ok Chimchar! Say, this balloon thing is catching on. Like we're gonna catch Pikachu. More balloons? Three Drifloon and a Drifblim. Oh, they're so round and cute, say, I think they want us to take them for a walk. Come. To. Jessy! Will you please stop playing hard to catch? What did I do? Same thing you always do. Okay now, a little humor will go a long way to stop that swelling. They busted us, we're gone! We're blasting off again! Look at those towers. The space-time towers. Here, listen to this. The brilliant architect, Goady, designed the space-time towers 100 years ago. And that's where we hold our Pokemon contests, Dawn. Oh wow! 100 Years? That's like 10 years time... Times 10. You're right. Let's see, it explains why they're called "space-time". The tower on the right represents time, and the one on the left represents space. Hey, I could have told you that. Powerful forces colliding with each other. Something big is going on. Is everybody ok? Yeah. What was that? I suppose it could have been the air currents. But it sure was strange. Sorry if you guys got scared. I know what, I'll give you the grand tour. Yeah! That would be great! Pokemon Another day, another fight Another chance to make things right Pokemon It will be strong, the way it should be Ready for the challenge, you and me We will be heroes Pokemon We can change the world if we try I go where you go Pokemon Forever friends, you and I We will be heroes Pokemon The moment's right the time has come for us to stand together as one so take my hand and follow me to win it all's our destiny! We will be heroes Pokemon We can change the world if we try Darkrai I go where you go Pokemon Forever friends, you and I Darkrai We will be heroes Pokemon We will be heroes Pokemon We can change the world if we try Darkrai I go where you go Pokemon Forever friends you and I Darkrai We will be heroes Pokemon We will be heroes Pokemon We will be heroes Pokemon We will be heroes Pokemon! This has got to be my favorite place in the whole town. This whole garden was designed by Goady, you know. What a beautiful spot. It says the design theme of architect Goady brilliant garden is the harmony between humans and pokemon. I've been playing in this garden ever since I was a little girl. So everyone here is my friend. Cool, everyone, let's go! Great Idea! I'm in too. Come on out! Wow. Guess that's their way of welcoming us. Wow! So pretty! Look at that! Knock it off! Stop fighting! What a beautiful song. My grandmother taught it to me. It was just so moving. Thank you, Brock. What, Gallade? What happened? Something is very wrong. Chimchar! Guys, let's go too! Return, now! This is terrible. Who could have done this? It was Darkrai! Alberto! It appears there have been recent sightings in town. Uh, excuse me? Who's Darkrai? The pokemon who wreaked this havoc. A pokemon? Darkrai must live here in this garden. I've heard of Darkrai before. It's a pokemon that makes you have nightmares. Nightmares? Handsome hunks found in close proximity to pikachu. Looking like a Joe we should get to know. Never hurts to rub apples with a rock star, I always say. Hear that? Darkrai! Licky-Licky, hyperbeam! Now what did you do that for? Tonio! You ok? mhmm. This is my friend, Tonio. He's a scientists. I was investigating a space-time abnormality that I had detected. Something has happened. It isn't possible. Tonio! No, no, I'm fine, I'm fine, really. Alice, you don't have to be so nice to him. Alberto. After all, my dear, you are to be my wife, remember? No way! Excuse me, but I though I told you no already. Come on, I'm too young to think about marriage. Please forgive me. This isn't the time or place for that kind of talk. Now that that's done, why don't you come over to my place? For a little dinner? Cool it, Alice is so not interested. Excuse me young lady, Butt out! Tonio, who is that guy? Baron Alberto. So Alice, let's get going. You see, Tonio is the one I like. I am? You have quite a sense of humor, my dear. So, this was all just a little joke. Joke? oh Oh Alice... Not again... What is it? Such strange phenomenon. Something's there. Do not come here. It's Darkrai. I'd say so. Darkrai? Afraid so. So it was you after all, Darkrai. Go Licky-Licky. Ooo, what's that? That's Darkrai. What a nice looking chap. What? It's gone! Hey guys? Pikachu?! Where are you? HEY! Brock! Dawn! Oh man, what's going on? Darkrai! Darkrai's doing this. Alright, Turtwig, I choose you! Hey, Pikachu! Pikachu! Pikachu! huh? Pikachu? You're okay! Ash stop Pikachu's suffocating. Where am I? The pokemon center. You were having such terrible nightmares after Darkrai put you to sleep. Nightmares, huh? That means it was all just a dream. Creating bad dreams is Darkrai's special ability. If you ever fall asleep near Darkrai, you'll have terrible nightmares. You were really in a bad way. You woke me up, didn't you buddy? Darkrai doesn't normally come out when people are around. So I don't think the town's people are liking this one bit. Because of all the nightmares, even the other pokemon stay away from Darkrai. Well, no one wants to have a nightmare, am I right? If I ever come across that Darkrai again, I'll give him a battle, but good. Wait. Remember it was baron Alberto who attacked first. This is an incredible force. enough to actually warp space. I have to look at more data. Tonio? There's a strong possibility the same thing has happened before. That must be it. Maybe there's something in Goady's diary that- That is so him... Once he starts thinking about something, that's that. That's Alisha, She met Darkrai in the garden. Alisha... Alice's grandmother. Luxray! And so Darkrai, who was hated by everyone else, opened his heart to Alisha and began to live in the garden. What an amazing story. It turns out that the nightmare told me just what I needed to do. For the future, I needed to leave Oracion for the world. Huh? Oracion? hmm. TV people, huh? That's us! And being the great baron to trouble with the evil Darkrai, an interview with you would be quite a koo. Conducted by me, the lovely reporterette, Jessilina. Directed by yours truly, Jameson, and photographed by Meowth, now that's a name. Well, I suppose. After all, the public does have a right to know. Thanks for the public service!. I'll take that one, please. Of course. This lunar ring will make bad dreams a thing of the past. So, come again! No need to worry about nightmares now. Man, i sure hope that thing works. Hey, is something bothering you, Ash? Uh, nah. Oh! And this is the sight of the Alamost town pokemon contest. I am so psyched! I can't wait for tomorrow. The towers are just as impressive inside as outside. And we're right in the middle. This is the space tower, and this is the time tower. The architect ,Goady, who designed the space time towers was Tonio's great grandfather. Tonio's laboratory is directly below us. Tonio? It's Alice. Sorry to bother you! Wow! Tonio? Tonio! Are you alright? Huh? Oh Alice! Good morning? Well... Don't sleep on the floor. Sorry... I found a reference to the nightmare in Goady's diary last night. Wish I could have a nightmare... Not only that, I found a picture of your grandmother. It shows her with Goady. Grandma Alisha... Looks just like you. It's music. That was a nice save, I guess. What are those? Music discs. Excuse me? That's how the tower's music is able to play. Oh, can I try it? But to do that we'll have to walk all the way to the top. No need to worry. Ugh, me and my big mouth... Come on, move it, run! Race you to the top, Dawn! Oh man, me and my big mouth... The only way to fly. Hey, that's not fair! Sorry, but you were fast. You can climb! Hey, let us on too! Goady built the space-time towers as a beacon of hope for the happiness of people and pokemon. The happiness of people and pokemon. And here's our very own beacon of hope now. Finally! Normally, it's set to play automatically on the our, but if there's something special you want to play, you put in the discs you need. Great! Hey, I want to do that! No way, this was my idea. Then push it down. Brock, would you mind? Not at all. You see? this tower is the worlds largest musical instrument as well. You know, balloons rock! If it isn't Ash. So let's battle again! I need someone to play with Torterra. Come on, me too? Sudowoodo! Weasel ! Let's go! Pikachu, get moving! It's coming from a different space. From between the dimensions. Woah! What was all that? The sky just lit up! Go away! Darkrai! Aha! Licky-Licky! Leave it to the brave baron to find Darkrai in a flash! With such daring and courage! There is no escape! Alright Licky-Licky, gyro ball! Dark void! Sudowoodo! What in the world is that It's Darkrai Quick, weasel, use water gun! Dark void! Bibarel! Pikachu, use thunderbolt! My neck! You saw that, right? Quick, Pikachu, use thunderbolt! Okay, Pikachu, now use Volt tackle! Look, Darkrai, the only one leaving here is you! No, I stay. What? Let me handle this. Darkrai is mine. Baron! Licky-Licky, use hyperbeam! Licky-Licky... Get up, Licky-Licky, this is no time for a nap! Again? What's that thing? An ultra rare pokemon? That flies through walls? It can't be real. Maybe so but, care to explain what you're up to? What? The camera does add a few extra pounds! B-b-b-b-baron? Spit it out, I say! Man I must be having another nightmare. Pikachu, I want you to hurry and wake me up. Yeah, I'm good My royal tongue! Nurse joy, I think I could use an exam too... It's these hallucinations, but I'm seeing them too. I guess you're all still a little shook up... I think you're right. Guys, we got a problem! We've got a problem here too. Really? Well excuse me people, but you don't even know the meaning of the world problem. Since when can Licky-Licky talk? I am not Licky-Licky. I am the baron Alberto! No way! Quick, Tonio, turn me back at once. You act like Alberto... He's telling the truth, he turned into Licky-Licky right in front of us. And us. We saw the whole thing with our eyes. Here's the real deal as proof. The real world merging with the dream world. What are you talking about? All of these pokemon are dreaming that they're being chased by something frightening . And what about me? I guess Licky-Licky might be dreaming that it turned into you. Say what? The space around our city is being acted on by a powerful force creating a space-time anomaly. Resulting in all of the strange things we've been witnessing. But why? I don't know. It's that Darkrai. Every time it appears, strange things happen. Don't you see? Perhaps Licky-Licky, you must wake up this instant and go destroy Darkrai. Hey guys, what about our in depth report? We ain't got enough depth to fill a kiddie pool. Look, first we'll get Darkrai, And then, we'll dig deep. Listen people, we're stuck. It's the craziest thing. We're trapped in town and we can't leave. Now, Honchkrow, defog! Defog didn't do a thing. No matter which way we try to escape we always end up where we started. I'll be back. But I know we ran straight... It's that Darkrai. No doubt it's up to one of its evil tricks. And nothing's going to change until we destroy the nasty demon. It's nice to see baron Licky-Licky back up to speed. Baron Alberto! Pokemon trainers, lend me your ears, your strength and your expertise We must destroy this loathsome and evil Darkrai! And now, follow me into the fray. Right! What do you think They need us. Yeah. They need us too. Yeah. Hold on. Huh, Alice? The truth is, I don't think Darkrai is behind any of this. What, but it must be Darkrai. No, it's a bit too early to be certain. You see, back when I was a boy, Alice and I were playing together in the garden. Tonio! Yoohooo! I'm up here! Come on up and play with me! It's dangerous up there! Look where you're going! Don't worry I'm fine- Alice! Alice, are you ok? Say something. Alice! Tonio. You saved my life, Tonio. Tonio, I love you. But the truth is, I didn't save Alice that day. Now I'm sure of it. It was Darkrai who saved you that day. Oh, Tonio... Goady's diary also says that it was your grandmother, Alisha who opened up Darkrai's heart. I don't believe that Darkrai is evil either. Then why is Darkrai fighting with everyone? Something's keeping everybody from being able to leave town. I don't have all the answers yet, for now, we just hang on. We join the venerable baron Licky-Licky and his posy of pokemon trainers as their quest to destroy Darkrai get's a ( ) swing. That's baron Alberto. There it is, It's Darkrai. Let's see. These space-time anomalies began occurring after Darkrai appeared. But at this point, the nightmares hadn't yet materialized. It didn't take Ash very long to wake up. Soon after that, Darkrai appeared in the square. After that, that's when the nightmares materialized. Now I see! That has to be the defining event! What's this? Invernape, Mach Punch, go! Empolion, use Ice beam! Torterra, bullet seed, now! Darkrai's in a bad way. Could this be the end? Do not interfere! Infernape! No! Wake up! That move was simply lovely! I mean, Darkrai's evil rampaging must be stopped. And since there's no one better to lick that brute, why don't you? You do strike an imposing pose. I guess I could take advantage of the situation. I've got it, and I'm going with it! Go gyro ball! Then it's wrapped. Not bad! We're blasting off again! Look at this! Hey that's the same thing from my dreams. Look closely! I'll digitally enhance the image. Oh my! Palkia. Isn't it? Yes. It is said that Palkia lives between dimensions and rules space. A pokemon that's been called a deity. A deity?! When the garden was turned into a wasteland, It was a sign of Palkia's appearance. Do not come here! Darkrai sensed what was about to happen, It was at the moment the sky lit up that Palkia burst into the city. But Darkrai was the only one who saw. Right! Go away! Darkrai said that to Palkia! And that's just what Darkrai was trying to tell me in my dream about Palkia! So that means Palkia is here! But where's that? Here! Darkrai, No! That's Palkia. Oh my... Go away! Weasel. Alright, I'm me! Wonderful me! huh? Enough for one day! The town is floating in another dimension. everyone's awake. Of course! Palkia transported the town to another dimension. So when Darkrai's nightmares became fixed in it's unstable space, they acquired material form. It looks like Palkia's hurt. What's that? Darkrai! Who's that? That's the pokemon said to govern all of time Dialga! they're both considered to be deities. Palkia and Dialga must have battled in between dimensions. And so the wounded Palkia must have fled here sealing the town in yet another dimension. attempting to hide itself from Dialga! Two entities that never should have met cross paths in the space-time rift their unbridled wrath has enveloped the city. And the result: Destruction. What do you mean? The nightmare that I read about in Goady's diary. It's happening here and now. Right before our eyes. Wait, you're saying Goady was dreaming about future events? Yes. tremendous energy! Everyone ok? Yeah. Guess so... Alice, wait! Stop fighting right now! Darkrai. Go away! Darkrai! Darkrai, you alright? Alisha... My name's Alice. You see, Alisha was my grandmother. Alice... You tried to protect our town, I'm sorry I didn't understand. Yeah, me too. Darkrai, forgive us. Darkrai, no. Check it out guys. What's happening? It's the town's perimeter wall. It's begun to collapse! If we don't act, everything will disappear into another dimension. This kind of blasting off we don't need! But what can I do? It turns out that the nightmare told me just what I needed to do. For the future, I needed to leave Oracion for the wolrd. But it didn't say what Oracion could be. Oracion? Alice, you've heard of it? Yes! Oracion is the name of the song my grandmother taught me to play on the leaf whistle. That's it! Goady fortold the disaster threatning the future and left Oracion for us! The sound discs? Oracion. The song with the power to sooth the fiercest rage. There's no song named "Oracion" in the research lab. But it might be here! Well, which one's Oracion? There are so many... It's called Oracion. Oracion? That's right. It means prayer. My mother taught it to me a great many years ago. Promise me you'll always remember it. Sure! Oracion means prayer. Remember. That's it. Got it! Let's hurry to the space-time towers. Right! Chimchar, let's go! That's it, move into the garden as far as you can! And don't push. Take it easy and stay calm. Ready? Fire! Way to go Croagunk ! The evacuation is nearly complete. I'm going to wait with the others at the rear of the garden. Good, I'll handle things here. Thanks Brock. But Ash, and Dawn... Staravia, let's go! No! Piplup! Alice! Now! Chimchar, let's get moving! Tonio! Alice! Chimchar! Excellent work! Tonio! Oh, baron. I owe you thanks as well. I'm over here. Not again! Turtwig, Apom, watch my back, ok? Dawn, let's go! Right. Here it comes! Way to go, you two! Darkrai. Darkrai, you alright? Are you hurt? Are you in pain? Oh you are... I'll help you, Alisha make you well. Oh no! Hold on. Weasel, water gun! Buneary, ice beam! Perfect! Great! Careful... Stop this right now! You don't have to leave. You can stay here. Do you mean that? Of course, you can stay here for as long as you like. This is everyone's garden. Oh no! If those two collide one more time, Our dimension is through. Stop! Stop! This garden is everyone's! Darkrai. The disc, let's hurry! Hey, come on! Darkrai's blocking the explosion's energy, but for how long? Weasel, thank's a lot! Hey, Pikachu, take care of everyone. Ash, come back! Darkrai, no! But how? I am not gonna let Darkrai down now! Pikachu! It won't fit! This is it. If those two collide once more, Then it's over for all of us. But Ash and Dawn. Please get there in time. This is Oracion, isn't it? It must be! Try the one in the middle. It's in! Alright! The power! It's dead. Too late. Pachirisu, discharge! And Pikachu, use thunderbolt full blast! That's it. That's Oracion. Palkia, can't you see what you've done? You destroyed the whole town! All the pokemon! You bring this back town back to the way it was. You gotta do it, Palkia please. We're back! Hey! Thank you, Darkrai. For everything. I'm sorry, Darkrai. I should have know, you were just trying to do the right thing. Darkrai! Darkrai, you're ok! Someone else will keep you warm from now on Someone else will keep you safe from the storm But I'll be with you wherever you go And you will never be alone

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