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Kabbalah 1 - 4

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welcome to class number four of the Power of Kabbalah course hopefully by now you're making the effort to practice the transformation from reactive to proactive following the proactive formula the question that the Kabbalist ask let's say I'm working on overcoming my reactive nature and I have an issue with my work and it's triggering my reactive nature and after I study Kabbalah I start to look at this as an opportunity and it's driving me crazy and I'm becoming a little upset and say, "let's opportunity from the Light...let the Light in...treat him in a proactive way" but you know something I'm realizing the problem is not shifting...I have this same issue again and again that's what life is about for the rest of my working life I'm going to still treat him as opportunity and I'm not changing anything is that how it's supposed to be? he's in my life forever and everyday will be the same opportunity? the answer is "no" what we're going to learn today is if the issue keep repeating itself again and again and again there's a repetitive pattern about my cast...about my challenges it means I'm not changing something internally maybe externally I'm working on not being reactive but there's something deeper beneath it the subject of today's class is the concept of Tikun, or correction the Kabbalist explain that beneath all our issues, re-activity and challenges is unique lessons we came to learn in this world and that's called, "Tikun" the way the Kabbalist define Tikun is My soul's correction... Tikun is or are, because there are many of them The negative attributes that a person enters enters the world with and is responsible to transform in order to connect with the light our tikun is the cause of why and how we get reactive so, if reactive like anger or hurt... like victim would be the external manifestation of the opponent there's unique, deep corrections I need to do that calls my Tikun correction means things that need to be transformed negative attributes I came to overcome so for example my Tikun can be "I think I know it all" unique a result it will attract when people are around me behave as the know-it-all and they try to control me I'll be very reactive but the reactive is the effect the cause really is because I think I know it all or the Tikun is unable to forgive others, or fear of commitment, or pride or fear of showing your true self, or neediness fear of confrontation, fear of never uncovering your true self needing to be validated by others, jealousy fear of rejection, anger fear of being alone, and of course there is many more to this list but Kabbalistically, all of us came from Adam's soul one soul...and that one soul split into many, many, many pieces and already in our origin we all chose certain Tikun certain negative attributes that came to transform certain positive energies and gifts I came to channel into this world so I have my own unique lessons so one person's lessons and one person's way to express his positive energy is by speaking and out and not being afraid and they need to overcome the insecurity in Tikun another person's Tikun can be being too outspoken and learning to be a little more quiet and learning to be more reserved...and letting go of the pride that make me speak out so Tikun is the unique lessons we need to overcome and I need to take responsibility for these lessons if I don't know these unique lessons I'll keep attracting repetitive patterns of casts in my life I can be a good guy and a nice guy and nice to everybody...and I don't understand how come I'm suffering the reason is, is because there's hidden Tikuns I am not aware of I might be kind...and proactive in many areas but in certain areas, I'm not for example, one person's Tikkun is afraid to ask for help and he's proactive and he's kind and he's sharing and he seems to be pretty restrictive but because he's afraid to ask for help...which is the hidden pride for that reason he came to this world, he came to learn how to ask for help he's doing so many things good but maybe he was born already from past life with these good attributes his Tikun is in the area that is flawed, that is blind so the fact that he's doing many spiritual actions--that's great but Tikun is really the area I came to shift and that's really going to change my destiny if I'm going to do everything that I'm doing right because it's naturally right for me and I'm born with some natural, great attributes that's amazing but life is about finding your specific Tikun so when we say Kabbalistically, I begin to know I am I begin to know how my Tikun works when we ask the question, "why a person is born to certain parents?" "why is a person born rich or poor?" "with abusive parents or kind and loving parents?" "why we're born with certain talents...with certain fears...with certain DNA?" "why we're born with strong personalities...and confrontive personalities?" and our own brother is born so gentle and kind and a pleaser. it's bigger than just the DNA of the parents and even the Kabbalists ask another question which the answer for all of them is the same what's really determining my thought patterns? because everything starts with thoughts thoughts of creativity...thoughts of fears...thoughts of insecurity... or thoughts of initiation thoughts of doubt...why certain thoughts? can I stop thinking? Can I say to my computer, "that's it! I'm done--I don't want to think anymore." it seems to be to stop that computer what's causing me to meet certain people in the elevator? what's causing me to go through certain, unique challenges in my life? why I keep attracting similar people in my relationships? Why? and the answer is, my soul came with certain Tikun since the soul of Adam and Eve, we went through lifetimes in attempts to overcome the Tikun, to cleanse these layers of negativity I came to shift it's not that we have one Tikun as the moment we remove one Tikun and we overcome and we recognize the specific life lessons we need to learn I'm removing that layer of onion and there's another one and another one and as we're overcoming it, we're getting closer to the Light so the reason why our soul chose this family and not another family the reason why our soul chose to be born under the sign of Pisces and not Leo is because I need to learn to be more forceful...more confrontive to have more perseverance with my desires and as I am born as a Pisces maybe the natural tendencies to have weaker desires and less belief in myself but it's exactly what I need to overcome it so we all have our unique challenges...unique circumstances...unique parents...unique influences....unique issues to help me in my Tikun... to help me in my correction if I have an issue with neediness I might attract someone in a relationship that constantly tries to please the stronger part of me and as long as I'm not going to learn my lesson...I'm too needy and I'm showering that person with love and energy too much from fear and long as I'm not starting to start to develop true respect for myself and demand actually sharing back I'm going to keep attracting that person that's stronger than me that will cause me to feel "I'm not sure if I like you... you're not good enough for me" and it will make me more and more needy our Tikun, our life lessons will attract realities sometimes...when we don't learn about our Tikun spirtually, proactively the only way to learn about Tikun is through chaos...through pain because even many of the people now watching this program the reason you opened up to spirituality is because you went through some pain in your life that woke you up to realize "I have to change" it doesn't have to be this doesn't have to be this way so in order to bring it down to deeper understanding... to practical understanding in life what I would like each one of to take a piece of paper and pen and divide it to three columns in the left column it will be written as you can see I didn't like or don't like when...refer to certain name of someone....did this or that towards me in the middle column it will be more the emotional reaction how I reacted towards... the name of the person ...this way or that way...I emotionally reacted towards them and in the right column, my physical reaction towards...again the name of the person was...such and such and what I would like you to do is choose the scenario that you write down about something that is repetitive in your life you keep attracting similar challenge because you want to learn from this about your personal Tikun so please, take a couple of minutes to fill it up--please go ahead okay, great--now read it out loud to yourself without explanation...even if someone is next to you--it's even greater, but if not read it out loud to yourself now we'll come back to that example in a few minutes why that particular scenario presented itself in my life? who really sent that person into my life? is it random that I'm facing certain challenge? We said before, I'm facing challenges so I can overcome the opponent but is it a random thing why that particular challenge is in my life? or that money loss is in my life...or that accusation of a friend of mine, something that I didn't in my life? is there any reason for these that I was humiliated in certain way or I was aggravated by my family member? is there any specific reason why it came into this moment of my life? or is it just random? kabbalahlistically, when we are born, we are not just born with the physical DNA but with the metaphysical DNA which consist of a precise life script and video of how my life will be will include challenges...will include issues....will include childhood... will include thought patterns...will include people that we'll meet... will include having a cold...will include divorces and marriages...and blessings...and difficulties...and disease everything is written in this life script...the ups and the downs... the great and the difficult times and my mind bottles everything that is written does it mean that it's written, and I cannot fix it or change it? no. as we're going to learn for sure we can change our destiny but that destiny is written precisely...based on what? based on the Tikun I need to overcome based on the life lesson I need to transform so that situation that you and all of us are faced with...and the one that you wrote down was sent by the Light as part of my DNA script as part of my movie in life I need it it in my life it's exactly what I need...the Light present it to me even though it present it to me in a package that is not so nice a person that is unfair, and annoying and I might need to get of that person from my life nevertheless, it's there for me to learn about my Tikun to overcome about my own issues to help me start transform the unique issues that I have and the Kabbalists explain and the moment I'm truly stopping and saying, "one second--that situation is in my movie for a reason...the Light is presenting me that situation" to help me learn about me and maybe I need to learn it's the time actually to be strong and demand certain realities I have the right to choose who are my real friends and I need to say goodbye to someone--maybe that's my Tikun my Tikun is learning to choose and to make boundaries about my environment or my Tikun is to learn let go of control and learn to have teamwork with someone give them some strength...empower them don't only think about "BAM! But I'm not in control--how come they take over everything?!" maybe my Tikun is teamwork--let go...energize them you energize them a little bit, you'll be amazed actually at how they're shifting and want to be on a team with you there are many reasons why certain scenarios are in our life but all of them is to help us learn about our Tikun and at the moment Kabbalists explain that I'm actually recognizing my Tikun and shifting and going against it...even though it's tough and it's painful because I'm used to's repetitive ...sometimes it's a lifetime I'm behaving the same I'm judging the same...I'm controlling the same... I have pride and ego the same I have fear the same...sometimes it's repetitive and more repetitive it is the more ingrained it is within us and it's tough for us to let go--that's real Tikun those deep issues that it's tough to let go it's not just 'don't be reactive' it's's painful to let it's as if I'm letting go of a baby but when I begin that process of really recognizing that, that Tikun is a poison that attract repetitive cast into my life and I'm fighting to let it go... that is a deeper letting go than just external reaction and I need more strength and more tools for that what I'm actually doing in that moment...I changed my destiny I elevated myself to a powerful universe that is better than the old one I've just tapped into some miracles in my life because the Kabbalist explains parallel to the destiny I was born with and then moving with the cast I was born with there's many ten or hundred or a thousand and every time I'm truly shifting my TIkun and truly overcoming my deep rooted reactive nature that I came to fix in this world I've actually pushed the pattern that is helping me shift to a better movie that the cast that was supposed to be tomorrow... or the disease or the sickness or the tough relationship...suddenly, miraculously shifted themself why? because I don't need to learn that lesson anymore I don't need to face the challenges and the pain and the chaos that will push me to learn my lesson because no matter what, we're going to learn our lessons eventually might take 1 lifetime, might take 100 lifetimes might be through proactive awareness ormight be through pain faster...I'm able to take responsibility for my life and say "Wow, why's that scenario in my movie? What can I learn from it? What do I need to change about it?" as painful as it is ... as unfair as it's in my life, my soul attracted it the Light presented that situation into my life when I'm really asking this question and I know it's between me and the Light the other people and the other challengers are just serving me to help me to grow you're right, sometimes there are cruel realities I cannot just ignore these cruel people you're right sometimes part of my Tikun is learning how to defend myself part of my correction is to learn how to stand up to speak up sometimes it doesn't seem to be I have any choice in some scenarios so difficult we always have a choice maybe not physically...maybe a person already lost his money So what choice do they have? What kind of Tikun I have? I already lost my money? and I'm not sure I can afford but do I have a choice? Yes, I have a choice-- in my consciousness I have a choice I have a choice to blame the world or learn my lessons to learn what have I done as a businessman that, that scenario teaching me about my Tikun Why is it in my movie? What can I learn from it? What is it that the Light wants to teach me about my pattern? Is it possible that the same thing I'm going through I cause to other people? this is a tough question, but without asking those real questions I'll never shift pattern and shift my destiny falling is not a problem learning from my falls...learning the lessons of me is the only way I really transform my reality it's tough we've learned so far about to raise my consciousness and not to believe the 1% and not to react to the 1% reality we've learned that by me coming over the reactive nature it's a great me overcoming the opponent... it's a great way to raise my elevate myself to the next level and to be closer to the Light but even a deeper level to recognize the unique life lessons that manifest themselves so many times in my life and to say I'm going to change it I'm not going to let myself again...let my shyness...that it's a cover up for ego trip... control me I realize it's my Tikun I need to speak up...I need to reveal myself...I need to overcome that fear and if I'm will push me to do it I'd rather be proactive about it and when I begin that process I'll see actually, it shift my consciousness and definitely transform my destiny it's a major shift...creating miracles and blessings in my life the analogy the Rothberg is giving is, you enter into a multiplex cinema and there's 10 movies running at the same time maybe I don't have a choice of the script for each movie but I have a choice of which movie I'd like to go to the same thing is in life all the potential movies of our life are written which one of them will I turn to which one of them my life will be...with less miracles...with more miracles with more chaos...with less chaos... with my unlimited self I'm not even aware of I have a choice...every time I'm meeting that junction in my life that I can overcome my Tikun or overcome my re-activity...or overcome my selfisheness... going beyond myself... there's a story about a man who's running a large business, 5000 employees and he had the opportunity to save himself personally by being bankrupt and still cashing a lot of money himself but all of his 5000 employees are actually going to be hurt big time and sometimes you have no choice, you have to do it...understandable but actually that particular person, that was a moment of his Tikun In a past life time, that person was a big politician and as a politician he had the power to save the people but he cared about his own glory and even though he promised to save the people...and the simple people with their rights and their support and their livelihood he cared about himself, his own power, his own money and his own strength and he fell he didn't overcome this Tikun, he didn't catch this Tikun in this lifetime so he had this similar scenario again he was very rich and very powerful but was not because he did something... (it was) because he had to play out his Tikun his correction again he was faced with a test, the test is should I keep fighting for the company and give it another month for my employees and try another way to create different ways with help from the Light to create transformation or just let me choose the easy way out, which is bankruptcy? and he chose bankruptcy he didn't realize it wasn't just a business decision, it was a Tikun decision doesn't mean it's the same Tikun and test for everyone some people there Tikun is to move on and don't protect everyone or you'll be destroyed and you're not going to be able to help anyone else and some of the people are over-protector and over the under-dog Tikun which is overly being righteous but for that particular person, if we were to really reach inside and ask the Light, "What's my lessons?" he will know that in this particular scenario, don't go for the easy fight for the people...and by him doing it it will mean he overcame his Tikun and miracles and wonders will happen to will shift his destiny it will have everything back and more those Tikuns in our life we're all faced with in work...with ourself...with friends when people are asking us for help and we don't have the time for them... and maybe that person and that attention I need to give is exactly what I need to give for my Tikun to create a shifting in my consciousness...spirituality is not the expected action I'm supposed to do it's those hidden moments that are testing where I'm at that's giving me a chance to overcome my Tikun another major hint for Tikun--whenever I'm facing unfair situation there's a bigger picture behind this unfair things don't just happen unfair I might legally need to take care of it in a one person level...absolutely yes I'm not going to let people take advantage of me but if it's unfair in my life...what's my Tikun? maybe to one person it's unfair but there's a bigger court here the Light and my soul...the journey of my soul...our soul is on a journey the Zohar teaches, that until the age of 13 the evil inclination controls us our Tikun from past lifetime comes back and from that age on we start to go through a process of working our Tikun...and I would like to read the section from the Zohar that says so let's read in Aramaic and as we listen to the Aramaic we are connecting to the energy and the strength Find it in Volume 6 Parsha Arva Verse 2 and 3 [reading in Aramaic] From day one the Zohar tell us, the patterns of our Tikun same fears...same re-activity...the same negativity from the past that they came from taking over and all our experiences that we're going through is to root within us...those feelings of that's who I am... that's my fears...that's my insecurities... and it's so tough to let go of them and then from the age of 13 on our job is to start to remove those layers that's the reason it's so important from a young age to be exposed to these teachings back to the exercise we had before I would like you to read out loud what you wrote down with a little change if someone next to you is watching this program, read it to them if not just read it out loud to yourself and listen to it and what you read before, instead of writing the name of the person that bothered you or the anger you had towards that person or the negative action you did towards them...write the word "the Light" for example: instead of my kids, I'd say, "I didn't like when the Light made a mess in the room" and then I'd say "I was very angry at the Light" and not at my kids in this saying and then you'd say "I was yelling at the Light" and if you can please just read it out loud and ask myself, "what does it make me feel reading it this way?" since we learned, who really presented these scenarios in my life? the Light sent it to me according to my Tikun everything precisely organized to help me when we says the Light is infinite and the Light is perfect it means arranging and organizing every scenario to help me grow to help me remove my help me express my true unlimited positive potential this is the please read it out loud and pause for a second and try to feel what kind of realization it brings in you...please go ahead when we read it the second time mentioning the Light, one of the feelings we had was "Wow, I'm realizing it's silly--who am I fighting against? It's actually helping me take responsibility for why that person is in my life" it make us actually realize the ball is in our court, not in someone else's court the first step is to understand everything I'm facing in my life is exactly what I need to help me to grow to help me to learn my lessons to help me to learn to change one person's Tikun might be, I'm letting other people's opinions of me change my opinion of myself so for that person, it's a tricky Tikun every time we'll be criticized by someone, right away you say "you're right, I'm so horrible and I'll be crushed and I'll be sad, and I'll be down and I'll be upset...and I'm so horrible...I'm so needy...I'm so negative" that can actually be Tikun sometimes you need to learn that not everything people say about you is 100% right you need to be strong enough to listen to it but not to be crushed and objective enough to realize, "I agree with that Tikun and let me meditate if it's totally right...maybe part of it is not totally right" but one of the indication I'm not working on in my Tikun, that I'm learning certain life lessons to crush me because I can't stand myself anymore then it's not about learning my Tikun when I'm learning my Tikun, I'm excited I've learned something I need to change I'm excited because every time I'm moving forward in the light of consciousness I'm actually happier because I'm getting closer to the Light even though it's tough and difficult owning responsibility about my Tikun is not easy it requires work, it requires true self examination some of the tools I will recommend that you can use to start to connect to the deeper layers for Tikun there are maybe 3 major tools tool #1: just as the question, not all day long, at least once at the end of the day the Kabbalists explain before going to sleep is a very powerful time to reflect look at the things that happened today which make you unsettled, which make you feel a grudge, or difficult, or too easy and ask yourself, "Why was that in my movie?" "Why was that person in my movie?" "What is the lesson?" "the Light--what are you trying to teach me?" "What other types the same scenario in my life?" "which I can see the same life lesson"?...just by asking the question-- that's (tool)#1 and it's a constant consciousness I need to have the second question I need to ask myself is "let me look at the thing that is so disturbing in my life... what other people to do to me, that is so annoying and unfair and irritating .... that's personally bothering me and I cannot let them go and ask myself the question, am I doing similar things to others?" maybe in a hidden, concealed way whenever I feel bothered... whenever I feel like I don't get enough from others....maybe I'm not giving enough? or I'm hurting others in a similar way...or in a hidden, concealed way and the third question to open gates to understanding and connecting to my Tikun don't be afraid to ask people to help you to see what you need to change bring it on--as far as it is humiliating sometimes and uncomfortable it's actually the greatest gift for the soul, when my ego gets punched my soul is excited...when my ego get what he wants my conscious does not always go up...sometimes down so as a real exercise before the next class I would like each one of you to call someone and to ask them, "please tell me things that you see wrong in me that I need to change" this exercize shouldn't just be for the class in general we need to be open and listen to other people's criticism with strength, with courage, with willingness to let the Light in because again, recognizing the deeper layers of the opponents of our Tikun, exposing the first level of overcoming it and then overcoming this pattern, going against my fear because usually in all areas of Tikun the reason we hold on to it because we're so afraid...we're afraid that if we let it go we're going to act differently...I'm going to be too vulnerable and hurt but that's the time to say, "trust the Light. You know it's your life lesson, go against the Light" of course it's not going to be easy, of course it will feel risky you're not going to get immediate guarantee because we're not connecting to the bank of Satan which is all immediate guarantees it's the bank of the Light, which is real guarantee and you need to trust it and sometimes you're not going to see the results right away but persistence and perseverance in overcoming the Tikun will attract long term blessings we cannot give of the lessons...spiritual lessons of true success is all the way and not just, " so what about the results? How come things didn't change?" one of the tricks of Satan in this world is sometimes between cause and effect, will be some time I'm doing something great, I will not see the immediate results to give me the test and sometimes when I'm doing something horrible, I will not see the immediate negative results to test us have an amazing time practicing these lessons see you in the next lesson

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Kabbalah 1 - 4

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