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De geschiedenis van Pythagoras

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pythagoras was born around the year 500 B.C. on the greek island of Samos. As an adult he moved to an island on the south of Italy called Crotone. Here he was regarded as a great philosopher and a great religious leader. Pythagoras was most famous for proving the Pythagorean Theorem. Also known as ... Although it should be noted that this equation was being used as early as the year 2000 B. C. by the Sumerians. Pythagoras was able to proof that it would alwas be true. Now that you know a little bit about the history, let's take a look at how it works. You start by drawing a right triangle. That is one where two sides come together to form a right angle. In our example, side A is four units long. This means that A squared will be equal to sixteen square units. Next we'll draw a side B. This unit will be three units long, making B squared equal to nine square units. It's important to notice that these two sides come together to form a right angle, so they are called the legs. Now that we know that A squared equals 16 and B squared equals 9, we can add them together and find that C square is equal to 25 square units. Here we can the square root of 25 and find that side C also known as the hypotenuse is equal to 5. Now I know you're thinking how can I apply this in real life. Well let's take a look at a real life example. Your friend's house is 8 miles south of yours and 6 miles west, but you want to know the shortest distance between the two homes. You can use the Pythagorean Theorem to figure this out. In this example you can see that A equals 8 miles and B equals 6 miles. C is the unkown or the number you're trying to figure out. From here you'll square A and B and find that they equal to 46 square miles and 36 square miles respectively. Next, you'll add 64 and 36 together to learn that C squared 100 square miles. Then you can take the square root of 100 to find that your friend's house is 10 miles away from yours. For more examples or story problems, you can visit the website listed on this page.

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Deze video vertelt het leven van Pythagoras

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