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Strojový anglický překlad Violent reactions Federal Reserve banks were under threat of destruction of U.S. currency. After last week's announcement of further quantitative easing, China's leading credit rating agency reduced mark for the USA. Chinese-Secretary for Finance, said that the U.S. will behave responsibly as publisher of the world's reserve currency. Fed does not take into account the impact of the new money economy emerging markets. Brazil's incoming president: "When was the last competition in deteriorating the names, it ended as it ended 2. World War II. " Eurozone finance minister said: "I do not think it's a good decision. Fight against the debt even more debt. " In response to pressure all over the world Obama said: "The mandate of the Fed, my mandate is to keep the economy growing." Not only that, this is not a constitutional mandate of President Obama Fed has a terrible history in supporting the economy. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank U.S. dollar lost 97% of its value. Today the Fed creates inflation so much that in March 2008 ceased to officially disclose the total money supply M3. The result of the Fed since its creation were bubbles, depression, recession, and of course their main purpose - a subsidy for bankers. The central bank prints new money rather than admit to the amount of military spending and raise taxes for citizens to government programs American politicians are turning to the central bank for the money made from the air thereby creating a hidden tax on all Americans. Inflation is the worst tax of all, which most affects the most vulnerable in our society. The poor and middle class receives a salary and saves only the banknotes issued by the Central Bank. Feel good, they have their money in the bank, because they were told that the nominal value is protected Sadly, however, is that as the Fed prints money to meet commitments unsustainable Treasury savings of poor and middle class lose their real value living costs are rising slowly and insidiously bankers can spend new money for their maximum value the ordinary man must work more, because the value of its earnings decline. An old proverb says that a dollar earned is a dollar saved-up but running the central bank that is not possible. When the actual inflation of 5%, one dollar today will be the year the value of only 95 cents. Economists will tell you, of course, that prices rise but actually decreases the value of money. Congressman, totally agree with you that inflation is a tax. 40 years ago, you have a silver dollar could buy four gallons of gasoline and today, because it contains silver, you can still buy four gallons of gasoline. However, the paper dollar, as currency uncovered nothing, you can also buy them. Today, four gallons of gasoline worth three U.S. dollars. Again, no one is unaware that it is a slow death unmatched currency but we know that all the time they die. So far, there were more than 3,800 names uncovered and all became worthless. Real money - gold, silver or anything that did not create man Meanwhile, you still retain value, so as to keep the value of 5000 years ago. Central bank gives the economy every day artificial incentives. Fed lends money to banks, banks lend money to people and governments. This distortion gives rise to market businesses, wars, government program and demand that we do not need. What would today have home prices without all the money and an increase in borrowing? Housing prices relative to income since 1610 to 1913 did not increase even by one percent but the last 10 years we could see what they can artificially low interest rates make the market. Fed dramatically cut interest rates, making housing prices rose sharply. Housing prices rose sharply across the country. When the Fed raised rates, all the artificial demand for the collapse. By a small group of people that determines the interest rates for the whole country free market can not fix the price. When politicians say that interest rates are too high or too low in fact, talk about pricing. Consider for a moment over interest rates. If the Fed, not the free market, lower interest rates housing, cars and credit cards cheaper if cheaper things that people want, demand grows if interest rates go from 20% in 1980 to nearly 0% in 2005 repayment of debt will become cheaper, demand rises and prices rise to the heavens. Fed literally pushes people to make decisions that would therwise have done. Americans consume too much, because money is cheap new car costs only $ 200 a month, or 15 for new shoes. Fed not only distorts the demand but also distorts the job created by the demand. Instead, the new jobs were created through innovation jobs created to meet this new demand, which was based on cheap credit. In fact, precisely because the Fed is neither new ideas become reality because when banks lend to people who can not afford these mortgages lent them to someone else. f Americans want to regain power in their hands and fully enjoy the results of their work We must fight for the abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank. NIA predicts hyperinflation in the U.S. in 2015. For more information visit

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