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Disney BH6 XPRIZE Challenge Winners: The POD - A new and safer way of transportation

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[computer-generated voice] Automobiles. What are some great things you can say about them? Fast. Transportation. Shiny. Whatever it is, a bunch of adjectives are not gonna cover up the PROBLEMS they cause today. Traffic. Accidents. [honking. crashing.] Fuel consumption. Parking. [honking] And the worst of them all, death. [screaming] [static] Hi. This is Kelsey Ann, and I am her computer, and she brings you the SOLUTION. She calls it the POD, [party horn tooting] an autonomous automobile that uses state-of-the-art science and technology to get you where you need to go safely. Best of all, it eliminates this entire list of today's automobile problems. Number 1: traffic. Using computer-guided technology, Pods are programmed to go at the same speed on a track, so it will look like eggs on a conveyor belt. Number 2: accidents. There is already a predetermined distance programmed into the Pod's computer. It shoots an electromagnetic beam to know how close or far it is to anything or anyone. Number 3: fuel consumption. Gasoline is so overpriced. So the Pod does not use it. Instead, it uses the heat that is created on the rail from the friction. The heat is then translated into energy, which allows the Pod to move. As it moves, wind will naturally travel through built-in wind tunnels, producing the rest of the energy by spinning the propellers. [OK] Number 4: parking. The Pod has the ability to see the whole layout of the parking lot using the Global Positioning System. You can even leave your Pod while it finds a spot. Then when you are done, satellites will direct your Pod to find you. And number 5: death. Having a car is a lot of responsibility. Having the Pod is completely the opposite. You and your loved ones will never have to worry about being killed in a crash, because Pods are constrained to their rail. It cannot go off road. It cannot get into collisions. And it most certainly will not run over pedestrians. [repeated honking] Thank you so much for bearing with us. Go out and change the world. Goodbye. [♪ music ♪] [Kelsey Ann] Blegh! [honking and laughing]

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Posted by: production on Nov 11, 2014

Hate traffic, looking for parking, paying for gas, and so much more? Are you a kid who doesn't have a driver's license but need to get around without asking your mother all the time?

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