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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~18:46:33 - 19:20:28

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(coughs) (incomprehensible) It didn't defrost yet. Get away, cat, go outside. Do you hear me!? (music from the radio) - Milica! Buka, what about dinner? I’ll soon be off. That’s it. Quickly. You shouldn’t have fried it. I’ll just grab something. - Grab something? Eat like a man. You don’t need your glasses. - What do you mean I don’t? - You don’t need them... - Let me just check something out. - Here’s your tea. Want a pancake? - I’ll have a bit of everything. (cell phone ringing) Yes, Mico? What time is it? If it’s open, go inside. I’ll just have dinner, and I’ll be over. Yes, that would be best, right. Bye. - What’ll you have with your pancakes? Honey or jam? - Here’s honey. - I made you some tea. - OK. - Do you want lemon with it? - Stop nagging. - I’m serious, do you want some lemon? - All right, a bit. - Have some cheese. You’re not in a hurry. - This flu, won’t go away… - What? - My head is buzzing. - It’s because you haven’t eaten. - It’s not that, it’s because of the flu. - Do you want Andol? - Milos just called. - Who’s going to pick him up? - He says he’s with Ceme, they’ll probably come over together. - Ceme celebrates Good Friday today. - So? - Nothing, I’m just saying. - Nothing. - Easter. - I think I told him to come around 7:30-8PM. Why isn’t he here? I didn’t tell you. I invited Ceme, Pindzula, Mikica and Dendza. And that’s enough. - Enough. - That’s enough. - And plenty. And a crew came from Lajkovac? - Aha. - Great crew. - I’m so glad. You should work with that kind of crew. - It’s just crowded there. - What can I do... - Here’s Ceme, Dule. - Let him in. - Where’ve you been, man? - Come on, come in. - Come in here. - Hello. Good evening. - Am I that... Didn’t I tell you to come at eight? - You said at seven. I wrote it down. - OK, my fault. - Let me say hi to the Mrs first. - Welcome. - Happy Easter. - Good Friday. Yes, yes, that’s right. Take a seat. Take a seat with us. - Want some pancakes? - Of course, I want a pancake. - No, wait for me to tell him something first. - No, I’m fasting today. - I’m frying fish. - But I have to tell him something important first. Honey rakija. It’s not your fault you’re here right on time. You’ll see. It’ll be a nice crew, we’ll play a little. We’re all eager to play. Where did you two meet? - I was at Putnik’s. - Was he confused: What is he doing here, what does he know, what doesn’t he know? I’m starving. Milice, give them some, and I won’t talk too much. - Wait, this is not Lenten, this is Lenten. That's why I'm saying, after 7 o'clock... - I didn't. (incomprehensible) We made popcorns today, they're made with oil. - Symbolical, yes. - It’s all the same, Ceme. - We talked about it recently. And a man asked me... (incomprehensible) ... 40 days and nothing happens then. You know how it is. - Yes, yes. And this youth, you know how it is... - He asked me... (incomprehensible) - Yes, yes. They're in a hurry. - A friend of mine recently asked me what kind of a believer I am. Am I, am I not? I said to him, you know what, I am a kind of an Orthodox agnostic. - Now you have to translate that to me. - Well, Milos will explain that better. - His faith is weak. - You know, the one that doubts. - The one that doubts everything. I am a kind of Orthodox believer, but I have doubts a little. I doubt myself, too. - Have a slice of bread. Yes, yes, feel free. - I don’t eat too much bread. - You can put it back if it’s too much. So, we decided to have a little gathering tonight and play a bit. Pindzula will be there, too. I don’t know have you ever played with… Take it easy, it’s hot. Yes, yes. Don’t, look out for your intestines, your liver. I’ll have another piece. Look out, it’s hot. Someone took my knife. - Here you go. I took it. - The fish is good. - Regardless of him coming, we’ll play your repertoire mainly? - Yes, yes. Mainly that. It’s those simple pop songs. We can play some folk music, like Zvonko Bogdan. This and that. To suit ourselves a bit, you know. (incomprehensible) - Tomorrow is Lazarus Saturday? - Yes, tomorrow is Lazarus Saturday. - Are we allowed to sing? - Yes, you are. - A merry saint. - The Orthodox have Lent now. - I meant, it’s all the same, Protestant, Orthodox… (incomprehensible) - Look, today, on Good Friday, you go to church wearing black. It’s the funeral of Jesus. - Yes, that’s on Good Friday. - The bells don’t even chime then. And it’s the same with Evangelists. You’re an Evangelist, right? It’s exactly the same. There is no difference, we’re just separated by the calendar, nothing else. You fast today. Tomorrow is Lazarus Saturday, Vrbica. And next Sunday is… There’s supposed to be a christening on Saturday? No. I don’t know. - I don’t know exactly. - I wanted to ask you whether you ever played with Pindzula before. (incomprehensible) - He’s an OK kid. - I liked it when they had a band before, I went to a few weddings, and they really played nice. - They were in top shape then. - What’ll you have to drink? Ah, you have rakija. - Yes, yes, it went very good, Krco was hard working. - When they played Miroslav Ilic, it sounded like the original. - Yes. yes. - It was a golden age for them. He was here the other night, we chatted a bit and talked, he says it was the golden age for them. - They really took good money. - He says he doesn’t have the words to describe it. - They sounded good and everything. You keep honey in plastic containers? - Mainly. Yes, yes, I buy those containers from a man that produces them. It’s the most practical thing. They have to be carried around very often (phone ringing) so they are handy for transport. That’s why. - Yes? ... It’s me. ... Yes, he is. Nidza. - Yes, Nidzo? I’m finishing my dinner and I’m coming. OK, Nidzo, earlier is fine, too. Yes, everything is there, you’ll just be there a little earlier to set everything. Everything’s going to be all right, we’ll all be there. And I hope we’ll all be in a good mood. OK, OK, bye. - Look, I may have overheard. - Maybe I didn’t even tell you, in a haste. - I write down everything in an agenda. - Especially when you have... - Especially when you have gigs planned in advance. - I’m giving kids guitar lessons. - How’s that going? Do you have any pupils? - I have this girl, she’s eleven and a half. For example, now for the school day celebration, I play the bass, I follow. Then I play the solo, and she plays the rhythm. Then she plays “Biljana platno belese” in F major, then in G major, then we come to “Podmoskovske veceri”. The kid plays great, she has a feeling for swing rhythms. - Help yourself. - Nice, nice. - The kid didn’t have a guitar. She had a guitar that pitches had up to the fifth fret, and after that frets were bent. I talked them into buying a guitar for her. Her grandpa gave her 100€ and they told me to buy one for that money. At that time you couldn’t find a guitar cheaper than 170€. - Whatever you can get for the money. - So we went to Novi Sad, so she can chose, and we found one. The guy at the store told us: Don’t get her that, if the kid plays well get her a Yamaha. Who can afford a Yamaha? They didn't give her enough money. - Yes, yes. So, we bought her something, and the kid plays good. Now, it would be a good thing if she went to a school for talented children. - To go on, yes. - There’s another problem. She doesn’t like to play with her finger, she likes plectrums. I could ask Ljubinko that, about a music school for playing the guitar only with plectrums. - Ljubinko has a colleague; they play together in this band. - When I come another time, he’ll tell me that. - Just tell him, and he’ll direct you. - That man there, he’s a guitar player and a guitar teacher. The man plays both rock and classical music. Maybe there are some better photos inside. - I’ll show him to you. The one with a guitar. - I know, they play together. - Tell me, is there a school here in Nova Pazova? And who teaches the guitar? - Someone from Belgrade. The kid won’t work, she only likes plectrums. - Yes, I understand. Come on, pour some more rakija for yourself. - No, I can’t, I’m driving. - Are you sure? All right, later, I’ll take it with me. - I had some only because it’s honey rakija, not because it’s rakija. - Would you like a beer later? - Later? Yes. - Have some pancakes. - Pancakes, sure. - What are the pancakes with? - I don’t know what Milica put inside. - What are the pancakes with? - Nothing special. It’s nice. - Are they with honey? - Nothing special nice. - Honey and walnuts? We’re the middle generation, honey and walnuts. - In our house we don’t even wash our feet without honey. (reciting a poem) - No, that’s the other one, children’s poem. - “Pancakes without walnuts, only the poor eat.” - Have some more if you feel like it. Yes, yes, have some more. Have some more. - I tell you it's completely lean. (incomprehensible) - It's not like Dule made this fish. - Is it catfish? - Yes. - We had problems when we were fishing for it… - It didn’t want to give in. - It struggled a lot. - What do you want? Do you want honey for your pancakes? You have spring onion there. - For the pancakes? - With the fish. - There’s cheese and there’s spring onion. - What if some singer comes along and my breath smells like onion, and she says: Get away, you peasant. I love onion, but I won’t have any now. Some other time. (cell phone ringing) - Hallo? Yes, I am. Yes, yes. Maybe I’ll be loaded, and maybe I’ll send someone over for you. Yes, yes. I'll send someone. Yes, yes. Someone will come pick you up. (incomprehensible) I’ll just go brush my teeth. (water splashing) (incomprehensible) - Good day. - Good evening. - Good evening. Enjoy your meal. How are you? - Don’t look at them over there, mum, look at me. - Do you know each other? This is my mother. And this is Ceme. - I don't remember. - You don't know each other. (water flushing) - Where does your mum live? - She lives here. - Ceme is… - It’s a long story. - Are we to go? - Yes, yes. Are you coming? - No. - Not at all? - Could you at least go pick up Bendza and just bring him over there, now, this instant? And I’ll take the Renault. - Tell Bendza to wait for me. - He’s waiting. You know, right across the street, the green house with... - Want some juice, white wine, beer? - I’ve got beer over there, don’t spoil it. - Give me a glass of water. You should drink water when you’re thirsty. - That’s right. - Maybe I could get some honey now because I won’t be coming over. Never mind, I didn’t bring a jar. - Some other time. We’re making a fuss now. Really. I’ll bring you some. - Here’s a jar over here. - If there’s one, give it to him. - What, should I take this one now, and you’ll bring me the other later? - That’s right. - But it’s OK, no hurry. - Yes it is, honey should be eaten right away. - What? - Honey should be eaten right away. - And not to wait till tomorrow? - No. You know what they say: honey shouldn’t be kept in the fridge, nor in the cellar or in the pantry. It should be in the room where everyone is. And whenever you pass it by, have some. - We drink water like that. We have a jug and glasses, and whenever you pass by. - Milos, you’re picking up Bendza, you’re taking your car. Can someone else come with you? If necessary. Only one person can come with me in Renault 4. OK. Is that it? Should I take that guitar? - Milos! That’s it...

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