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now i understand rob that you proposed to kristen on the set not not ones but several times i did several times now yes i-kristen seems did you ask kristen this? i did and she says i did i wont even say what she said i tell you after you give me your answer well she seems to think that i did i cant remember doing it which doesn't mean you didn't right yeah i doesn't i mean i can imagine proposing to her i can really imagine doing on set i think is a little bit ridicules ah but i yeah i proposed lot that's what she said it's kind of my thing wait you go propose unnumbered times look i get text saying i we still for the marriage in friday stop it are you serius? sure; i dont even know who it is i have so many veronicas and carolines are your black berry right now or your phone yeah its like whos that?im not even in the country are you- let me see it yeah okey yeah show me i think i might deleted-but all right let me find it is it there i have to turn on my phone-you continue, ill find it was 3:30 on friday i was apparently i do organized i feel like i'm living in my bludgeon fight im heaving another life when i am sleeping its like im going proposing to that's hysterical okey tell me about the hair you wont to allow to cut what was going on i understand that you wont allow to cut it does he do his own thing -did you put mousse or what-whats going on so many people ask that-it's must be mousse i just like i don't know i just my friend from england came for visit it was like why everyone is talking about your hair all time it nothing unusual about it i just really don't understand i mean this is the funny things the people like wait dont put it away im still on this i wanna see i wanna see who it is veronica mary sue one of them i have no i have no idea okey i go remember the name this is to much- let see that's another one oh no get out of here -are we still getting married this friday? victoria victoria, no veronica i've no idea who it is did you text back? i said yes sure thats great okey so you signed on for all time sequel right for two yeah not all of them contingent upon if it does fantastic,if it-do you heard any word? are you gonna start shooting soon? i think they have to wait to see how much money they make then -but im yeah the (twenty second) i guess i find out alright,well already is sold out so you should be doing very well-you know you know we don't wanna give it away but the special effects are just incredible us- victoria? is just my mum lets say hi to mum,come on,oh i cant believe you hung on mom was a text message so it kind to remind it me crouching tiger,hidden dragon oh,wow it was beautiful you know the fly house of flying daggers too the tree thing so tell me wear harness obviously and i understand that you are a little chafing for the harness i'm terrible with that thins i never been in action movie so i just trying skipping injure every single time i'm trying to do something i get injure what happaned? i get injure or i just so terrible doing it that somebody else has to do it anyway, but kind of you have a harness which tense and tangle on you, the strap is like a blade on you all your weigh is on the strap -you know im not very athletic person not at and you have to make it look athletic another impossible thing well,you made it look good. you make sucking blood look very sexy- than you very much you're very fun talk to cool than you very much

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Posted by: 2009principessa on Nov 9, 2009

video divertente di robert pattinson

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