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The Zeitgeist Movement - Interview G20

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The Zeitgeist Movement Alter G20 Nice - France November 1st - 4th Interview RFI Well, again, like I said just before, we are trying to engage people into thinking for themselves, from people, actually we hear a lot about critical thinking So we want them to ask themselves the question, the basic question : What does a human being need to live? Is it really money? What is it? you know, so... Yes, we want people to think and to raise the awareness and the consciousness to realise that maybe all the problems we are going through at the moment have got one cause, a root cause you know, maybe two but not many more than that and that's what we want to express And now, you are here at the counter summit of the G20 What does this counter summit represent for you? Well, I think we - all the people that are here - We and the political parties and the religious or the "indigniƩs" all of a sudden, we realise that something is going very wrong with society and maybe we just want to exercise our rights. It's a defence mechanism! Maybe we are the defence mechanism of society. We want to rise up and say "Something is wrong, so let's do something about it" "What can we do about it?" "Can we address it a different way?" The Zeitgeist Movement, that's what we want to do, We want to look at the system and we want to say There is another system that we can put instead of this old system which is based on money and an economy based on profit Your movement is part of a wider movement a worldwide movement which starts to gain esteem apparently, do you have the feeling that your message is going across at the leadership level leaders which are now come down in Cannes" You know, that's not what we are trying to do, because everybody else is trying to engage in conversation with the political leaders They say "something is wrong, do this, do that!" We don't We just want the removal of the entire socio-economic model that we are living in The political system, the economic system which is really not economic we want something totally different you know, we want to base thing on something that is actually tangible, real, the earth We realise we are one humanity on a single planet in the universe, so far we haven't found another one So can we address problems that way? Can we address problem like "Is it right to do that?" "Is it right to raise the debt, again? "Is it right to let people die like 34,000 kids die everyday from hunger related diseases when we know we have the capabilities, the technology and the food to nourish them, why don't we do it? That's what we want to do and actually, that's what's funny here, we are the only ones that are not religious or political We want the group mind to evolve, that's what we do, So we engage into activities towards that "Hey do you know we can live without money?" "Do you know actually you can't really eat money?" "That's not what you need" "Do you know what you need to live as a human being, do you?" Food, shelter, love, entertainment, that's what we need, you know, water! We are organisms, and if you take these organisms away from that, they will die We don't see a real good reason for that So if you really look at science and technology today, We have solutions for all the problems that exist solutions that already exist, why don't we use them? because it is probably not profitable So that's why we don't want to really engage in conversation with politicians, we know they don't have the power the power is in the financial world So if you remove money Who's got the power? We do! Everybody's got the power Thank you very much Thank you

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Posted by: bam.zeitgeist on Nov 23, 2011

Interview of the Zeitgeist Movement in Nice, during the AlterG20, from november 1st to 4th.

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