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Another key area that always comes into play when you start talking about human resources and personnel management is how do you manage the day-to-day activities of what is going on, how do you know who reports to who, and who's got availability from a time off perspective, how many hours of paid time off they have. So with our human resources module as part of the Talent application, we now have the ability to really look into that information. So let's go ahead and explore this from a person who might be in charge of that. So I have a marketing manager, her name is Katie. If I come into my "Employee self service" as Katie, I can see all of the basic information about her that is important that she would care about. I can see her time off balances, so I can see how much paid time off and sick leave she has. I can see any certifications that she has. I can see actually here one that expired 287 days ago, so we should probably look at potentially renewing that certificate at some point in time. I can see when her next review is scheduled inside the application. I also have the ability to look at performance goals. So I can see what performance goals she may have based upon items that are currently on track or being worked on. So I can see exactly what individual scenarios around Dynamics certifications, ethics courses, all of these items to make sure that they are working on them. If there is anything that they haven not done at this point in time, I could go ahead and work with that, particularly in this case around the Dynamics certification because if we as an organization, we don't have enough people that have the Dynamics certification, we could potentially lose that certification from a Microsoft perspective. So it is important for us to make sure that we're gauging that. I also can look at information around benefits, and competencies, and exams. Now I also have the ability to look at her team information. So in here, I can see if there is any time off requests from her team members, since she has five people that directly report to her, I can see that information from within here. I also have the ability to look deeper into who those people are that report to her, and I can look at information based upon their position. So I can see how long they've been in that position, I can see what their seniority level is, years of service, all of that information as well. Then I also have the ability to look at things like their performance goals. So if I wanted to see, you know, Benjamin has not started one or two of those, Chris hasn't started a couple of those, maybe I need to engage with them and be able to see specifically what they are doing around those items. Now from here, I also have the ability to do people management. So I can come in here, and here I have an organization chart that lets me see who individual people are around the application. So, for example, I can see from Katie, these are the people that directly report for Katie. If I come into here, I have specific tasks that I can work with in here as well. So, for example, maybe Chris has reached out to me and said, "You know what, he's interested in working through and maybe getting some dental coverage." So from here, I can come in and click on "My Enroll and Benefits," and this will bring us to our enrollment page. I can see we have three options here that Chris has qualified for, dental, medical, and vision. So in here, I have the ability to go ahead and determine when that information would start from a coverage date perspective. I could define any dependents that he might have, beneficiaries, payroll deductions, and then payroll limits. So from within here, it really does give us the capabilities to truly manage the day-to-day aspects of what people might be doing when you start looking at it from a human resources perspective.

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