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Yankor 7 - The Secret of Marduk

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Travels in Universe 7 - Marduk's Secret (Yankor) This is Yankor so I was about to say a great ending on the previous interview, how was that? I like stuff that unexpectedly happen like that, so anyway, the secret did you know! Marduk, was actually of the Draconian race yes, that's why Marduk was 'specifically' so attuned- to mathematical equations of symbols and numbers that was the Draconian's profession so Draconian interrelationship regarding Marduk and he was born of Draconian inheritance his appearance, was 'altered' at birth 'birth' through the- through his DNA alternations that were done so but all in all, the most beings who were always together were Marduk Anu, Enki and Enlil like the 'four musketeers' they were, like always together doing- all sort of things you know they'd take something like DNA for instance and want to find out how they're able to manipulate it to change it, change appearances, now the Annunaki, as you know the Reptilians also referred to as the Reptilians were shape shifters now, I used to get always so god damn angry at Anu especially in the beginning when I met him first because he used to fuck with me so much he enjoyed that so much because he'd shape-shift as other people impersonate them, their voice, anything, everything and then you'd think it's them and then you'd kind of turn around and then he'd go, and that same person would just be standing behind you it's like- "you were just here" and then- you know he'd fuck with beings in that way but he- the Annunaki were in very- close relations to the Draconians see during with that time in existence the Annunaki were seen, they were- they like 'stood their ground' if you want to call it that, in existence they were creators and they were the only race that were actually able to create- profoundly in existence because they had access to everything whereas for instance other races were just limited to their expression in other words- the Draconians were merely limited to their mathematical equated- symbols and numbers, which they designed everything and later took it to programming, redesigning recreating remanifesting etc. with DNA and races' essences etc. there were no such thing as like alliance, alliances or preferences or- like things like that the era of 'the kings' etc. didn't exist during that time any longer I'd say the Annunaki within the existence that they were, the entire existence they were 'the one race' you know that governed everything but it wasn't like a "governing" you know it was they had power- definitely over races and other existences because the Annunaki were actually the ones, that created planets, cities established them, with the help of the Draconians and the Sirians and- the Serpents yah they were the most profound beings in existence and- it was like an unspoken agreement between everyone everyone was fine with that you know there wasn't like anything of the Annunaki during that time saying: We are god and we are the power of existence and we have control over you and shit like that no you know it was like everyone was just in their existence, their race their planet doing what it is they enjoy doing, that's how it worked of course, unless well previously as I have mentioned before unless there were some beings that, deliberately wanted to act against the Annunaki for some odd reason not specifically why, just jealousy or fear or, wanting to control the Annunaki etc. they were- the ones that were transforming into the planets to become spaceships spacecrafts thanks to the Draconian's smart clever, intelligent mind yah, so all was peaceful for- awhile I'd say the Atlanteans, during that time were like the prophetic oracles you know (laugh) they were like the wizards the merlins the the guides, the angels you know of existence in its entirety they were very profound beings very like, 'touch-feely' to a certain extent because they did not appreciate visitors, at all they enjoyed themselves by their- 'lonesome self' and didn't bother with anyone else in existence except! of course when Satya pleaded, for us to go and visit them and just learn about their- existence but we'd never actually go there the Atlanteans would come to us, and share with us the experience of themselves they just didn't like beings in their- 'realm' you know because they were too afraid of 'influence' so that, you know if too many beings enter their existence or their planets and their galaxy that it would influence their expression for some reason that was their belief because they were apparently too 'pure' too 'holy' from a certain (laugh) perspective, 'it was holy ground' when you go and visit the Atlanteans ok this is Yankor and this is my, experience in existence which will continue! thank you Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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