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Visit Cardiff

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Cardiff is the capital of Wales, the land of castles. Cardiff’s own castle is right in the heart of the city. It lies on the site of a Roman fort and some parts date back to medieval times. But most of the castle was rebuilt in the nineteenth century when a wealthy tradesman turned it into a fairytale palace for his new wife. The other great building that dominates the city centre is altogether more modern. The Millennium Stadium was opened in 1999 and hosts Wales’ national sport, rugby union, as well as football matches and pop concerts. Cardiff’s docks were once a busy centre for sending coal around the world. Now they’ve been rebuilt into a tourist destination with shops, bars and restaurants. Here you can find the recently opened Millennium Centre, a centre for the arts that reflects Welsh culture from the building materials that were used to create it to the performances staged inside. Here you can watch free public performances during the day. The main auditorium often plays host to the Welsh National Opera who have made the centre their home. The water sculpture and columns outside the centre with their space-age looks have become a popular TV and film location; although some children just like them to play on. Across from the Millenium Centre is the Assembly Building, the seat of the Welsh governing body, and another stunning building which reflects Cardiff’s new modern face. And overlooking the bay is the Saint David’s Hotel, Cardiff’s premier 5 star hotel where visitors can enjoy the city in luxury. Cardiff is a modern city rich in tradition and culture that offers all the attractions of a European capital.

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A short promotional video of Cardiff, Wales.

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