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So, you want to move to Clustered Data ONTAP for all the benefits it can offer your business. But you think that transitioning will be too complicated… take too long... even be a bit risky. Well, you can stop worrying. Using NetApp’s new, enhanced 7-Mode Transition Tool your migration to clustered Data ONTAP will be simple, fast, and safe, with minimal disruption to your business. To make the process simple, the transition tool features an easy-to-use, web-based interface that takes you step-by-step through the transition. Plus, we’ve lightened your workload by automating many tasks that otherwise would be manual and time-consuming. With regard to transition planning, the 7-Mode Transition Tool does the heavy lifting for you. It inventories and assesses system storage and hosts for transition readiness so you can be confident your migration will be a smooth one. What once took weeks to complete, now takes only minutes. The tool streamlines your work flow even more by performing a comprehensive set of Pre-checks. It also walks you through the steps you need to take to create your migration projects, and controls the schedule during the transition. There's no need to be concerned about risk to your data and storage efficiency savings. Using proven NetApp SnapMirror technology, the 7-Mode Transition Tool copies both data and configurations from the 7-Mode system to your clustered Data ONTAP system. It maintains efficiencies and retains DR relationships and Snapshots to minimize risk. This all helps keep your data safe with fewer chances for human error. And downtime isn’t a problem, either. We’ve added features to reduce business disruption even further. For example, prior to storage cutover, the 7-Mode Transition Tool applies the configurations that were set for your 7-Mode system to your new clustered Data ONTAP system. We've also added a read-write testing feature, so you can verify your cluster configuration and data access accuracy before cutover. Finally, during storage cutover, only incremental updates and minimal configuration changes are made. Now, when using our upgraded transition tool, the average storage cutover time is less than three minutes. 7-Mode Transition Tool is also cost-effective. It’s license-free and designed to be do-it-yourself. But if you want an extra set of hands, NetApp Professional Services can give you just the amount of help you need. So, that’s it. With our 7-Mode Transition Tool you do less, get done faster… with minimal disruption and risk. Before you know it, you'll be successfully transitioned to clustered Data ONTAP and enjoying all of the benefits it delivers. Contact your NetApp representative to get started.

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