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sunshine makers

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"Goodmorning fellow gnomes!" "Hurry! Were late get up get up!" "Were gonna miss it, hurry!" "Where's Bunkle?" "Here I am! Wait up!" "Come on boys line up, get in position!" "Here it comes!" "Oh, glorious sunshine!" "We are thankful for the light you shine upon us!" " We feel your warmth coursing through our veins!" "Oh how you make us feel so happy!" "High Ho, high ho." "Its off to work we go." "How fortunate we are, to be blessed with your voluptuous warmth" 'EXTEND THE MAGNIFICATION LENS!" "Here it comes!" 'Nobwicket, prepare the emulsifying mechanism!" "Aye, aye, captain Inaldor!" "Hurrrrr, hmmpf" Bluub, blup,blub, bluup "Alright the first of the bottles is ready!" "Coming down to you" "Just one more thing." "There we go, all set for delivery." "Where to today boss?" "These bottles are heading down to the village" "You be careful of goblins boss, keep your eyes peeled!" "Thanks boys, I'm off" "Yep.... I remember when we used to live in harmony with nature" "Just the flowers and us Gnomes" "Boy was life grand!" "Now I'm constantly watching my back ever since the Goblins occupied the northern forest "They've devastated our peaceful's quite upsetting" "let's see..." "Two bottles this week for Minniger" "There we go" "All set for another week of dairy products" "Not only does our milk taste great it's made from 100% concentrated sunshine!" "Damn those jolly little gnomes" "I missed!" "He wont be so lucky this time!" "Aha...take this you ungrateful Goblin!" "OH MY GOD!" "Get it off, get it off, get it off!" "HEEEEELLLLPPPPPP!" "Where is Gritgrot?" "He should be back by now" "We must devise a plan and stop the Gnomes once and for all!" "We must create a plan so evil, so sinister that the Gnomes will leave forever"

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Duration: 7 minutes and 42 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Views: 90
Posted by: dionfortie on Nov 3, 2009

The happy gnomes which live peacefully in the forest are one day attacked by a savage group of goblins. And how do they retaliate? With bottled sunshine. With a single drop of this liquid sunshine it will turn your grumpy old self into one of the happiest guys around.

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