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Mirmo Episode 01 Part 1

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mirmo from a kingdom that is very far you arrived into my arms you said yopu would help me make my day happier by using your magic if you stay with us, a lot of stuff you will learn a lot of sweets I'll give you, I'll cook them using chocolate hello mirmo where are you specual choco late big thumb plzz of course arrives mirmo the muglox of love it cost me alot i hope we get to be in the same class again atsumi i dont believe you, the person you want to be in your class is right Sitsu of course not how ill minded you are, i dont care if i get the same class as Sitsu or not really its been almost a year since you liked him and you havent even tried to tell him anything eat its im very shy yea sure And Also i really like how we are now well i got to go bye till later what i would really like sitsu and to think i found sitsu in a place like this what luck i wonder what music sitsu Might like now that i think about it, i dont know anything acerca him, the truth is i dont know him well i hope we are in the same class my dear mirmo where are you not even as a joke, being married with Rima has to be intolerable ehh this is a good place to hide what are these stairs i wonder Where They lead to well if i do not go down well nothing happen my dear mirmo what place is this gosh i never remember seeing this store before welcome thanks curiose design and That cup how pretty it is That cup grants wishes of true love it grants wishes of true love? i would like to be in the same class as sitsu what is this mirmo my dear, oh what is that That shines a lot what has happened of course i know this is impossible That This Will help me be in the same class With Him

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Duration: 8 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: United States
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: Animated
Views: 10,034
Posted by: valeriesacutiex3 on Apr 6, 2009


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