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The number of refugees entering the Dutch border, in the recent months, seems higher than ever. Each individual brings their own story. We want to show these stories to the world 'The Publisher' is founded by six students and three refugees who share the same ideal and vision. Its a platform which connects people and initiatives bound to the subject. We publish work and personal stories, from everyone who who like to contribute The articles that are published can be, for example, about personal experiences, creative input and events. Another goal of 'The Publisher' is to be a source of information for the new immigrants, to get to know more about the matching initiatives. 'The Publishers' vision is to change the image of the issue by creating a network for refugees, civillians and initiatives. So togheter we can make progress and build a honest image through a personal approach 'The Publishers' mission is to realize an independent source of honest information, which includes personal views, researches and news. Through this method, our desire to accomplish an alliance between citizens and refugees could be realized. 'The Publisher' wants to show the world that there is more about these people than the media shows. Instead of only focussing on the down side of the subject We would like to show the oppertunities that come with the current situation. Now more than ever, there are refugees searching for a safe haven This is the way we want to give a face to our new neighbours, And let them have a voice

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The publisher

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