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UTPMP Argentina

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Yesterday, I was in another world. That's the truth. Yesterday, I didn't even know where I was standing from how nervous I was. But I never thought the day would come, where the dreams I had hoped for would become reality. There aren't many people who help out others in the way that Un Techo does. To me, it feels good to know that they thought about me, and my family. I separated from the father of my children when I was pregnant with my youngest. I separated from him due to troubles of life and marriage problems, and I was left alone. He made a promise to me to continue paying the property, but he never did. On the 17th of November, they opened my door and told me I had to leave.. so I left, and lost everything. One day we slept in some place, the next day we slept somewhere else... we slept several days in different hospitals... with nine children. If I have to wake up tomorrow, to find them something to eat, and take them walking with me wherever I go... I will do it. For them, I will do it. But I have never left them, and I hope that one day they are proud of me. I hope they value everything I have done for them, because I had everything and in one day I lost it all. Having a house is very important to me. Not having a place to live, is like having your life slowly slip away. And having Un Techo here today, is the most important thing to me, apart from my children. Because your children always come first. I pray to live my life until the growth of my last child. I always said, I was not going to die until I gave them their own home. Therefore, I will give them their home.

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 37 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Jacqueline Villavicencio & Daniel Bull
Director: Jacqueline Villavicencio & Daniel Bull
Views: 125
Posted by: jackie28v on Oct 14, 2009

A homeless family from the slum area of La Hoya, Buenos Aires, Argentina receive a newly built home created by volunteers of Un Techo Para Mi Pais.

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