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EliyahuMcLean: A Heart Centered Approach to Peacemaking

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global oneness project A Heart Centered Approach to Peacemaking I think that one of the challenges working in this kind of environment is that, a lot of times, human beings fellow human beings, forget that we are all part of the human family. Rabbi Eliyahu McLean Jerusalem, Israel, Co-Founder Jerusalem Peace Makers And each one of us, lets say Israelis and Palestinians, but also by proxy all of the Christian communities who are supporting Israelis, like Christian Zionists, or Muslim communities that are supporting the Palestinians... really the whole world is affected by what's happening here in Jerusalem and its so easy to get caught in narratives of fear and polarization and, really, arrogance, an arrogant view that this land or this place belongs exclusively to me and that my narrative is the only one and true narrative, true story, and the other one has no place here. And especially after the Intifada began in the year 2000, then you also have the story of, on a much deeper level of two deeply wounded and traumatized peoples. The Jewish people with the history of persecution and the Holocaust. The Palestinian people with the loss of their homes and villages and cities in 1948. And so both peoples retreating into an exclusive narrative being the victim. Each side feels like they're the greater victim. I think that a positive way to encounter this is to try to help people waken up to the reality that we're all in this situation together. We're in this human predicament and both sides are the victims and both sides are the victimizers and there's a deep need for healing to happen in both peoples and the way that we deal with these challenges in this part of the world is to, like I said, create safe places where people can, because of that woundedness of history and, not just what happened in the past, but ongoing events that further polarize people in this part of the world; a lot of walls have been built around people's hearts. And so I find that its not just enough to talk about coexistence or tolerance, but actually that we need to be coming from the heart and speaking to the heart of the people and I find that this heart centered approach to peacemaking is actually the most effective tool and can cut through all of the walls of fear that people have built up, and walls of defensiveness. Both in the Israeli and Palestinian communities.

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