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IRTA presentation

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This is an IRTA presentation Ancient Barter was man’s first form of commerce and consisted of the one to one direct exchange of goods and services. Advances in technology have greatly expanded and enhanced the scope of Barter far beyond this limited one to one model. Almost fifty years ago, two burgeoning technologies... The credit card and The computer Made it possible for businesses to earn, account and track profits from their excess or surplus capacities. Today, by using modern trade and barter over 400,000 companies worldwide are turning their Excess business Capacities into measureable net cash profits In terms of income, Excess Business Capacity represents the difference between actual cash revenues received and... ... the cash revenues and profits that would be realized, if a business operated at 100% of its capacity. In other words, it is the business that your company could be doing... but is not... Fact: Most businesses are operating at less than 100% of their potential business capacity. Accountants say excess plan capacity and excess inventory are assets but practical business people do not recognize that they are not asset They’re actually liabilities because they’re costing them money. You cannot warehouse your excess capacity. Excess capacity is totally perishable and disappears with every passing day. If you could tap into your excess capacities for additional revenues, much of that amount would go directly to your bottom line cash profits. This revolutionary cashless system is the currency of excess business capacity. The process is known as Modern Trade and Barter Your restaurant seats 100 for dinner. On average, you’re only filling 60 of those seats. 40 of your available 100 seats are unsold resulting in an excess capacity of 40%. Lost Revenues If your average $30 per day dinner seating, 40 empty seats will equal $ 1,200 per day in lost and wasted revenues. $ 36, 000 lost monthly... $ 432,000 lost annually. That’s a lot of money to lose. You don’t have to. It’s to your advantage if you have gross margin like we do and you have capacity to use trade because you’re buying basically from somewhere around 45 cents on a dollar. And any time you can have a 55% discount I think it is great. With the New South Cafe a good example of barter would be say we’ve got a Wednesday night. We don’t have a lot of people coming in. I’ve got people that come in on barter. Those are people that weren’t gonna come that I’ve got at least to tip money in I’ve got money that’s gonna build me credit that I can spend somewhere else... .and it brings me a customer that I necessarily didn’t have before. Modern Trade and Barter companies make it possible for businesses to profit from their unsold and wasted business capacities. Here’s how: Businesses buy and sell to each other their excess capacities as currency. When we first signed on with new Barter, we realised that it was a different from other companies in that our first experiences was with them we had products that we had excess inventory on and we ah were able to move that inventory and be able to use that product or that revenue flow on our credit side for other products that we needed To any business owner looking to join a New Barter, I think the best advice I can give you is that the percentage of failure is so high. For small businesses by becoming a Barter member, a New Barter I think utilizing you revenue in areas that you need to spend your cash and learning how to utilize your trade it will greatly increase your chance of survival. For me being a Barter member has been a blessing and also it has help me absorb this time of a tough economy. It can defer a lot of your cash expenses it can also bring in quite a bit of incremental business that you wouldn’t otherwise get. We buy products from a couple different companies that we can re-sell and get cash or help our cash flow out. We’re able to get things on Barter, products to re-sell to the public for cash In 2004 we had an opportunity to move into this space which for us was about doubling our size and we were no ready to move, in our business cycle we were not in a place where we were ready to move but Biz-ex being able to use wholesale dollars for a lot of the things to make this building possible The modern trade and barter process allows your company and all other member companies to buy and sell to each other using their excess business capacity as currency. Each client company is issued a credit card with an individual account number. A company selects the product or service they need from the list provided by the system operator. When a purchase or sale is made, it is tracked by the system and recorded on the buyer’s and seller’s accounts A monthly statement of buying and selling activity is provided to each client by the system operator. What products and services are available through a Modern Trade and Barter Company? Almost every product and service found in your local business directory. (Printing, office supplies, accounting, advertising, delivery, auto repair, janitorial, medical, contractors, graphic design, veterinarians, dry cleaning, windows, optical, wardrobe and much more) I got a new compressor for my production plant, ah we had done a lot of advertising through Biz-ex members Ah we’ve been in business for 30 years and ah most of our ah most of our clientele are business ah professionals, business owners like myself and in the last 15 years about 15 years ago I discovered a trade which has been an absolutely fantastic addition to the way we do business at RH Graphics We use our trade in business for our advertising we just got a brand new brochure printed. our lawyer’s an IRTA member and we also take clients out too for entertainment purposes on trade. It’s great. The advantage is that you’ve got a captive audience you’ve got a built in clientele of customers. You’re getting referrals from Biz-exchange on a daily basis and you have all those trade credits that you can use for any and all business reasons or personal reasons. Somebody chooses to send an employee on vacation or if you choose to use the Biz–Exchange for personal entertainment, if you choose to use it for legal ah resources or accounting purposes they have everything. I use the metro trade for doing, fixing the electrical in the store, for the heating and cooling and for many, many other things, buying supplies for the store. We feel it’s a worth, worthwhile organisation to belong to hey are staffed by very, very good people and they are very helpful, they’ve helped me get coolers, they’ve helped me get freezers many, many other product that we need in our daily operation. Ah we don’t have to put out the cash and that’s always nice Over the years we use our Barter for and, and it can be used in business, it can be used personally, it’s whatever the individual business owner desires to do or in our case we use it for both, for dining out, for automotive repairs on a personal level, we also use it for ah well our entire office complex her, our cubicles, our carpet, our dry wall, paint ah lighting always done on trade absolutely The International Reciprocal Trade Association, IRTA, has played a vital and important role in the evolution of the Barter and trade industries Founded in 1978, IRTA is a global, non-profit educational and self-regulatory organization promoting high standards of practice and ethical conduct among member companies. When a Barter or trade exchange displays the IRTA membership logo, You can be sure that company has met the high standards of IRTA and subscribes to the industry code of ethics. IRTA members provide Modern Trade and Barter services in almost every major city worldwide. Let’s review what we’ve learnt Last year worldwide an estimated 400,000 businesses used their excess capacities to realize more than 10 billion dollars in previously uncaptured revenues. Excess capacity is the difference between actual revenues a company is receiving and revenue that it would have received if that company was operated at full capacity. Most businesses have excess capacities that are being totally ignored and wasted. Modern trade and barter companies make it possible for businesses to capture profits from their excess capacity. We use it a lot, go out to dinner on it, got married on it, give this laughing Hyena his bonuses on it. And on a personal note we’ve used barter for birthday presents, spa experiences for ourselves, we’ve been to the theatre, we’ve been on vacation. Which we all know that small business people really need. We took advantage of the trade, by buying Seattle transit, by buying radios, by buying some television as well as making good business contacts with some of the other members of Biz-Exchange. The business today, our business, Beacon Plumbing has grown from 1 to 8 million dollars. It’s a simple thing if you understand it. “It is a simple thing if you understand it.” Visit for more information and worldwide listings of Modern Trade and Barter companies in your local area. This production has been brought to you by the member of IRTA Produced by Vizicast Multimedia, Inc, Cotati, CA

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IRTA presentation

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