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Provoquer une prise de conscience chez les cavaliers (sous-titres français)

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New World Sanctuary Foundation In a world where conformity rules ... ... One woman ... ... looked within ... ... and found herself ... ... ... ... a woman who became a trailblazer ... ... Living in integrity with Ren Hurst. ... Hi, I'm ren Hurst, I'm the author of Riding on the Power of Others and i'm also the founder and visionary director for the New World Sanctuary Foundation in Southern Oregon. What could be some good things to say to horsey people to begin to awaken thinking about this more compassionate style of care? Well, i think it's going to take a lot more people becoming aware of what's possible. There are so many opinions out there on what horses are and how to care for them and most of them are entirely derived from tradition and opinion only. I never woke up one day and decided i was going to jump on the moral high ground and be better than everybody else and start preaching about this. That is not how it went. I thoroughly vetted out everything that we learned along the way. I lost my entire life. I sacrificed my entire career. I was making 6 figures, i had two brand new cars, i had a really nice place, all of my horses had everything that they needed, i was popular, i had everything going for me and in a moment, my stallion destroyed all of that by showing me a truth i could not unsee. So, it's not like like i woke up one day and decided i wanted to know this. This has not been an easy path to be on it's the right one and it's the truth and it is the more loving one and so, the thing is, question your motives as to why you're speaking up to horsey people in the first place. If horsey people doing their thing in an older paradigm have no interest moving in this direction, my best advice is to let them be. Be available for the ones at have questions and are open and are looking for answers, and share things, you know, casually share books and videos and information. You might just say: "Hey, check this out, what do you think about it?" Ask questions. That took me a really long time to learn. I'm much better at telling people things. But if you can get somebody engaged and curious about it, it's a lot more effective than telling them they're wrong. The horse crowd really doesn't understand that it's not relationship based a lot of times. So, the best way to start with people that are horse family people is with the film "The Path of the Horse", i think, that gently takes people in another direction a lot of times and that was a turning point for myself and many others i know. Look for people like me. There's lots of us out there. There's other books like mine, like Michael Bevilacqua's "Beyond the Dream <horse" and Alexander Nevzorov's book.There's definitely plenty of people around the globe moving in this direction and thinking that way. So, if they're open to it, feel free to share those resources and if they're not open to it, i mean, you can't forcibly change anybody. All you can do is model it and become the best version of what you're doing and i'll tell you this much. If you can love horses this way so much that the joy that you get out of it is expressed in your way of being in the world, people will start coming to you and asking you:"What are you doing differently? How are you able to achieve this?" And that's even better, when you've got an invitation such as that. And so, it's a little easier to reach people that way.

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