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Parcours VAE - intro 2ème partie

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♫♪♫ Ready for takeoff Greetings. In this video, I invite you to explore with me the different coaching steps. Be assured that no matter the type of certification you are preparing the steps are the same. Let's explore together those of DAVA. The academic measure for validating prior learning. This is the certifying body for national education qualifications. DAVA guides you during each of the three steps of your VAE project: Booklet 1, Booklet 2, the jury Booklet 1 In this first step you are going to draft Booklet 1 Find a blank form in the "Going Further" section. This booklet, also called the eligibility application is a record of proof.. It is going to contain all the proof of your experience: attended trainings, copies of your diplomas, a reference from your employer, in sum, all official documents showing your experience. Once drafted, you will submit Booklet 1. DAVA will then check to see if your experience is in alignment with the targeted degree. They may also suggest an other diploma better matched to your experience or the retaking of courses. The approval of your request is called admissibility. It makes your request to the VAE official with the certifying authority. You will receive the admissibility document at home by mail. This official document is valid for one year. A year during which you will work on booklet 2. We estimate it takes eight to twelve months to complete a VAE. Now with my experience on the subject I would advise you not to take too long because it is not unusual to become discouraged especially if one is managing other things: a job, children a sport activity, et cetera. Let's now go to Booklet 2. In the section "To Go Further" You will find a blank copy. You will note that the layout of the document is already done. You just need to answer the questions. But don't misunderstand. Booklet 2, although already laid out requires significant work. In the national directory of professional certifications the RNCP Each diploma is the sum total of several learning credits.. It could be speaking one or two foreign languages. a technical know-how, legal or sales, for example. the goal of Booklet 2 is to show by way of four activities from your experience that they cover all the learning credits of the diploma you are targeting. An activity is the detailed description of an action that you have performed or still perform and that is evidence that you have acquired the skill you claim to have. The cited activity has to be significant enough because you will have to have many elements to describe it. For example, you start a VAE for a business degree and one of your activities could be the setup for a promotional activity and its impact on sales. So you are going to describe what you have set up Why? With whom? What method? What tools? What results? Et cetera. Don't be worried. DAVA organizes a meeting with the certification expert whose main mission is to help you to identify your four activities. You will also find in the "To Go Further" section a chart of conforming activities. It will help you to frame your activities, identify when and how you acquired this skill. This document that you will have to fill out for your meeting with the certification expert is a very valuable tool. I advise you to give it the most attention. You understand. You are not alone. DAVA manages and facilitates group workshops also. A methodological workshop, exploration of Booklet 2 Two work method workshops on the activities a preparation workshop for the jury interview they also facilitate individual workshops for a more detailed followup of your file It can sometimes also be done remotely by mail or by telephone. In order for it to be corrected, your booklet 2 must be sent to your coach as your draft progresses. Don't wait until you have finished to send your draft. Follow his valuable advice. He knows what the jury expects. Your coach is not there to judge you but to guide you as best as possible right up until the jury. He is not there to draft Booklet 2 on your behalf either. Once finished, you will submit Booklet 2. DAVA will receive it and will register you for the defense before the jury. This is the last step. The defense before the jury. The interview with the jury. lasts one hour. You present your case for 15 minutes and the remaining 45 minutes are for question and answers. The jury consists of professors and at least one fourth of the members are representatives of the relevant profession. The objective is to verify the acquired skills and to evaluate the candidate's professionalism against expectations for the targeted certification. Hence the attendance of career professionals in the jury. Finally, the jury comes to a decision. It's not a number grade like in school. So, no distinction of "good" or "very good" either. The evaluation is made on the quality of your case file and your oral defense. So it is a comprehensive evaluation. The jury has 3 options: It can then validate the sum total of your learning credits - you have the diploma. Only a few? The validation is partial. All the validated credits earned are permanent. In most cases, the results are given with a written comment of recommendations to follow for validation of remaining credits or none. In this case they also give more thorough explanations. You will not know the outcome of your performance right after the jury. Their findings are sent directly to your home. Yes, Yes. Even the certification. So there are the 3 steps to know to validate a VAE. See you soon!

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