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Nick Burns - Your Company Computer Guy

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[keyboards clicking] Hey, weren't we supposed to have a company meeting about that uh, brand new programming system? Yeah, I think they're sending the computer guy, Nick Burns, over to answer any questions. I don't like that guy. It must be about the upgrade to the server. Hey, did we have to upgrade because of Y2K? [nick] Considering we work with MacIntosh and they've always been Y2K compatible, I'd say, No. ♪Nick Burns, Your Computer Guy,♪ ♪He'll fix your computer, then he's going to make fun of you ♪ ♪'Cause he's Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy♪ Over the holidays, we upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft Outlook and changed the server login id. So what's the new login id? BradfordCompany slash your last name dot your first name. Is there a space after Bradford? If you want *not* to work, yeah. But if you want it to work smoothly, don't use a space. Hey Nick,... No! It's not case sensitive. Hey, I'm still having a little problem.... What is it? [Sigh] I just can't find my personal address book. Did you import it from the Outlook program? I think I downloaded it. You downloaded it? Oh, that's amazing considering it's impossible. You have to import it. ..folder? Move! Let me teach you a lesson here. First, you open up the folder file, import dialogue box. Open Outlook 6.0 folder, find address file, and click import. Was that so hard? Yeah, actually it was, yeah. They teach this type of stuff on Blues Clues. Who's next? Hey Nick. Happy New Year, buddy. Yeah right, maybe for you. I'm still teaching computers to dimwits. I have two questions.... Let me guess. What color are your shoes, and when's lunch. C'mon man. I need to know if the new login changes my email address. Of course it doesn't. What else? I can't find my calendars. Well, genius, your hard drive doesn't have enought space I had to delete that stuff to install the upgrade. LOL, semicolon, parantheses. Move! [clicks] There we go. Was that so hard? What's your problem? I just needed the logon id. It's like I said, BradfordCompany... I know, BradfordCompany slash first name dot last name. Got it. You know everything. What else? I don't want to come back here. I figured it out already. Oh really? Did you recover your bookmarks? I imported them with my address book. What about your plugins? Already installed. Hope you didn't clog up your computer doing it. Oh, don't worry. I didn't. Hey Nick? I can't print. What happened to my print thing? Here we go. Jeez Louise. Just hit Apple P and it will print. [click] [printer starts] Oh wow. Thanks Andy. Yeah, yeah. You could do it that way, or you could go to the print icon. on the left side of the screen. No. This is faster. Thanks Andy. Yeah. OK, I'm gonna go. One last question, Andy. [western gunfight whistle] Did you configure your RAM partition for the new version of Outlook? I didn't think it was necessary. Well, if you want to use your plugin apps it is. Do you know how to do that? Yeah? Then what? Then I go to new file men-u. Lucky guess. Then what? And then I....I...uh...I..think I.. You don't know what to do, do you? You need old Nick's help, don't you? Nononono, I ...I...I can figure it out. Well?....Well?..... Move! [clicks] There you go. It's not so easy, is it partner? I'm going to go down to the third floor, gotta teach those buffoons a new program. I'm outta here. Oh, by the way, You're welcome. ♪ 'Cause he's Nick Burns, your company's computer guy.♪

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Guest Star Jamie Foxx

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