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Kabbalah 1 class5 basic

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hi everyone welcome to class number five of the power of Kabbalah Kors last time last session we spoke about the coon transformation in a deeper level changing balance shifting destiny raising consciousness in a deep deep level today's class will be out the old enmity cool which is the power of giving in the power-sharing as one of the most powerful tools to transform into connected the light of the creator giving and sharing it is actually one of the most missed understood concert I'm saying misunderstood mean saddam did a great job to cause us not to connect to the real intention of sharing and giving the real purpose behind it and as a result we don't really get the benefits in the real regional intention of the crate or by giving us the chance and opportunity to be givers and shares asked you and I wasn't talking writing down for yourself why do you share why do you give way helping run the people helping in a charity being kind to others listening to others give advice to others volunteering giving the nation giving your heart your time your energy why why do you what's the intention someone will say because somebody need help because it makes me feel good because it's the right thing to do because I can because they care about the world I want to make the world a better place honest with ourselves sometime we have agenda because other people feel good about me because if I well know that I will feel guilty because it makes me feel good about myself because something in return from that person I hope to get something in return from that person because I feel more in control when I'm the giver and the receiver I rather be the giver I feel proud about it because of tax benefits doesn't many many different reasons some of them appear neutral as the first list that we mention some of them actually look like agenda to say that certain did a great job to causes really to have no clue the real purpose of sharing because every good person in this whole be in love thy neighbor as yourself believe in good actions of sharing and being nice to other people but the reason why very often as good as a.m. I still feel stuck in life and the reason why very often after helping and sharing a steal of a bad taste in something is missing and I don't feel the circuitry and the reason why my life is not really improving in a major way through sharing in giving to others is because I'm not really connecting to the real consciousness of giving and sharing and I'm not truly revealing light and raising my consciousness when I'm doing anything in life naturally because I feel a because I'm a good person because it's the right thing to do because I'm quiet because of the like to be reactive I'm not saying it's bad but we don't put intention into something remember there's another one that putting intention or is that a no 10 opponent in even though it looks innocent engraved and just nice and kind but if there's no consciousness intention purpose why and that's the basic restriction of all why am i doing what is the bigger picture if I'm not asking these question this probably some major percentage of certain gets what he wants from that action my ego would get what he wants from that action go back and ask the question what is the purpose what is the regional reason the creator gave us the opportunity to be the concept that call the laws of affinity or like attracts like what is the law affinity simple in class them with two we've learned we divest the original so told the light like I love you and I want to receive you but one thing is missing in my life the ability to be like you and since then the laws of affinity takes place which is to deke stand being like the light and acting like they lied to that extent I can reconnect to the light reveal delight feel delight sure the light received the blessings of the light abundance of the light when we learn about be proactive not reactive is acting like the light is the laws of affinity the light is a cause and effect alive is proactive not reactive so that some major to restricting and taking control i mean George I'm did cause and effect not taking control over people which is my Eagle taking control over my own opponent so does not have stopped I'm in charge I'm not gonna let myself fall I'm being like like the cause I'm not into the desire to receive four-month cell phone when it comes to the concept of giving the main goal of giving besides helping others in making the world a better will in making poor people having a better time and I'll being medically and spiritually and physically in any way I Kane that's great but the main reason of giving Kabbalistic Lee it's back to the original purpose we came down to this war is opportunity to be like the light because when I am a giver or when I'm sharing over an hour outside of the desire to receive oneself alone which is a constant force in our mind you know our it's a constant agenda what can I get from you what killing it for me when I really focusing on helping others in various ways small ways or big ways in that moment that I'm really out of myself alone and becoming one with a lie because I'm being like the light the laws of a finicky like trucks light and in that moment I'm connecting to the light today extend my actual results to the extent I'm really out of myself without needing any agenda in returning a 1% to Datuk Stan I'm really connecting with the light I'm really raising my consciousness getting closer to the life filled with more light and with more blessings and more like more god-like become and more sharing and more out of myself and because that's the nature of the line more fulfilled life then my heart is more open and becoming a motion in person one second many of you would ask it sound like an agenda and giving for the sake of getting closer to the delight is in a better just to give because they care just to give because I want to share to make the world a better wall get purpose in this world with income to read this world purpose less just to leave just to be kind in nine speakers will like the World God or the light doesn't need me to make the world better everything is a particular about correction I need to change the opportunity to give because that's my opportunity to connect with a lot but when I'm connecting to the light I'm revealing light to the entire world with the world need is not just more foods and more for poverty in solving political problem what really will solve every problem is more light in the world because that would remove darkness so they need getting closer to the light and revealing light to everyone as there are always give this example when I am in a dark room and I'm lighting Mon Kendall am I the only one that will benefit from this light is no enjoyed that line the power of the light everyone is a blessing for everyone on the list of examples that we shared why we are sharing what it's about because they feel good because they feel not guilty because I just like to share or because they have a clear agenda we have to understand in life everything that we do we hope to get something question is what do I hope to get and from which bank because we still need energy we still vessels it's impossible for several give a given I don't want anything in return the only question is forward bank do you want something in return do you want in return from the 1% during which is ego relieving guilt I feel so proud of myself I'm better than others I feel control a clear agenda tax of the people will see some amazing recognition my ego is pumped I was empty and because they gave I feel I must somebody now it's all tampering ways to get energy from the bank of ego to the bank of sedan which is in charge to fill me up and sometimes you want his actions of giving I'm the giver I'm the one that everybody knows elevated held in change people change their wall some major ego trip where do you think certain will test us more willem giving in a big way or when I'm just selfish just sell the gym already with serb town but I'm giving up and say wow this guy can reveal a lot of life we need to do something let it affect his intention to one ways to receive energy back from where from the bank of Eagle or the same restriction more people would like it people not gonna lie I'm gonna get recognition even the way you want it I want something much bigger I want the life I want to do it really for the sake of change in my nature and transforming my attitude that gradually become more and more being of sharing because as a shifting my nature made DNA to become more being of sharing become one with filled with light now when I'm filled with light politically it is not considered to be one percent agenda more like to have more like I add more sharing an and that's in Kabul a call to receive for the sake of sharing to improve receiving which is don't have any intention I just give because somehow this season that they were not even aware I like to be appreciated I don't feel any problem as long as people appreciate what would people do not necessarily I'm shut down and absorb set it means all the time any depreciation we all have a certain tikkun about giving something we can stand we're not appreciated sometimes we can stand with its uncomfortable I like to give only when it's comfortable so I can send that nobody knows about it I understand from within I want the real closeness to delay because that's not gonna shift my concern is the most and that's not gonna bring lasting blessing in every aspect of my life after a charity night appears that worked less the new in the charity get all the recognition you enjoy your not because he did great work for the charity but he got the recognition that mean world it happen really wouldn't get what he wants so because I did real work and really cared about those kids so I gotta like none other political my ego you gonna lose their lives are you want the choice what do I want to I want to trade off I'm getting from the Eagle for lasting light that might create protection for Disease migrate major miracles in my life and that's the first question dunno what do i do I want you I want to receive in return I feel good about feeling good any normalized is always a good touch to it we're not righteous it's about getting better it's about having the right intention and gradually transform it but let's be aware 99% of the time our giving and sharing in our kindness some involved with feeding hour ago somehow and as a result of not getting the true benefit in the true blessing because it really honest with yourself at least 97% of all the way into our cell phone when we walk in the street when we eat when we talk to people will be selling something at work so about me getting me getting one win a date and imagine one of the main goals of the day please the line give me the strength to transform my intention I want to start to be outside of myself gradually from 3% giver want to become foreperson giver 5% giver because our goal is to become a being of sharing the idea of love thy neighbor as yourself or do not do to others what you will not like others to do to you is the idea of seeing the bigger picture an opportunity to be like the line is not because I'm right jacinto because I'm spiritually there are books and many times it's good to learn more light in my life is good to be greedy for more light in my life because of the world but the only way to do it is being out of myself I can send a couple all the actual about mighty cool and by restriction on what they need to change but if I the same person and I'm not elevating my conscience is to be more of being of sharing in every area of my life gradually my life will not change because after all when we speak about the affiliated with the main attributes of the light energy of giving and sharing and giving can manifest itself with the basics of human dignity treating people with respect same way you would like to be respected is india's many tests during the course of the day give a bid live no energy to smile to give energy to basic kindness start without basic human dignity family friends strangers let's look at all this is another levels when I'm asked to have been asking you please help me pretty please help somebody express need and you jumping into the opportunity no because you have to know because they are because here is my opportunity to be outside of myself I love it and the third level is proactive decision I want to spend three hours of my time to give to help actively even wrote increasing the quality and the quantity of the giving in my life changes in my life when a person is sad when a person is down what's human nature to think more about myself themselves or sadness trigger tarts and reminds allowance towards me about worry about this what's the remedy stop thinking you cannot shut down that computer one of the suggestion they arrived Berg would say stop and say what can I do for someone else yes but for someone else cares mind when your heart is lack of flight you want to get closer to the light specially when you feel so much into yourself do something for someone else not because you want them to light you because you want to raise your consciousness because you're not stuck in the bottom of the consciousness because in the land of consciousness even though goal is to grow and we supposed to grow gradually night but there's always ups and downs down there in part of life is falling into sin is falling into feeling down this is a test an opportunity so I'm gonna fight in I'm not gonna be done not gonna be done I'm gonna be happy something it's about what can I do for someone else let me call someone let me pray for someone let me feel the pain of someone let me give away something not for the sake of the agenda for the sake of truly igniting the light that exists within any be amazed when you start to focus on someone else suddenly the energy coming back and then you need to restrict the eagle that comes with it special I'm great that's become a drapery you need to let go in to connect humility more in-depth practically some of the tools about keeping the consciousness when the student do you want to give for the sake of feeling getting energy from the Benghazi go over the sake of connecting to delight getting closer to the light reveal more like in the world and changing your consciousness in improving your life that's a question early dismissal and there's nothing wrong about saying I want more light in my life that I want to give more myself because if you don't have this consciousness when things are tough were not gonna get because why should they get but if you know giving his connection to the life even when its staff will do another important concept called receiving for the sake of sherry talented work making money huge business seems writing communicating I received something amazing life I received gift so I feel bad them not to give very few guilty no we should welcome Chiefs we should welcome talent you should welcome success if when the same it's there in my life just for the sake of sherry if we'd is for my only ego get nothing out but DVDs for the sake of sharing of endless blessings so if I'm acquiring wealth and I understand the creator put me in game in this platform this stage in life of success they can add value to the workers to the world to the benefits to the fun through the money actually a blessing that's also considered to be sharing sharing doesn't mean I just need to share share share some dying it's about take one opportunity came your way as long as you understand just taking in taking never feel it will never feel as always we feel empty it is actually a give the only reason it was given to me that they can use this gift for the sake of sharing in north or myself alone because if I'm taking the gift my talent my writing abilities my communication abilities from my ego for my pride in not use it for the sake of sharing not a long that it's not gonna help be it will cause scarce in pain in my life but when I'm using those talents of those blessings came my way to receive this abundance and to think it's not mine I'm just the channel as the rubber would say I'm not the owner of all the blessings in my life I'm just the managers of all the blessing in my life how can I channeled and use it for the sake of sherry for the sake of revealing life for the sake of revealing good in the world without the ego thinking this way bigger but everything in life I want to acquire more success in every area I want to fix change in every end my life so use my desires to achieve but today or rectum for the sake of sharing it's not easy because the ego wants to grab one essential element and I want to read the section from this or losses versus 41 take a whole new meaning to the methodical doing love a diving labor deal came to steve also show you available to leave lebanon llamala me love flow limiter be cuddling and a movie ever see their team elements of it but never beat us there should be shameless what's the car the government love it I need to be all like a TV only novel national this page of now had trouble who missed you tackle violet lower lamar beginning Metallica dollar me badly routine love duke adenylate go babe they'll occupational you remind you as we hearing and seeing the letters of this or we are receiving light and strength to become what's this or described which is true receiving for the single show sexual assault tell us when a person received wealth when a person receives kids when a person received beauty foreperson just use it for his own pride in his own ego my money i power my charity something we did pride by the charity all my kids on my view 3 look at my child will not actually seen as an opportunity to reveal more light in the world that same blessing will become currency but if we truly understand this is a blessing was giving us for the sake of sharing then we can actually expend the vessel to be even greater channel to reveal i receiving jobless teaches themes big things small deserves a spiritual life to be small I want a little bit about wanting a lot because I want to give a lot every area in our life and our essential concept to build keeping transformational even give only when it's comfortable raising my consciousness I'm not really transformed herself and actually each one of us in all police constable to give in to share and to open yourself to a degree but what will really will shift my consciousness and will change my life and will get me closer to the light is those opportunity that I'm giving and sharing beyond my comfort zone when it's uncomfortable when it requires stretch when it makes me vulnerable when it's not in the time I wanted to do it when is not exactly with a personal wanted to do it but deep inside I know it's the right thing something transformational giving is learning to say no to some people because that's how you help them something transformational giving is actually criticize someone proactively to help them to change because they need a tough love nice guy transformational giving transformational giving his doors areas a king give beyond my comfort zone and that's actually mighty cool in giving when I'm not comfortable when it's beyond sharing physically sharing world sharing heart sharing time opening up letting people lean mass good we have custom to smile women don't feel so great those are the real tests in life of this conference the moment as I have on my own issues leave me alone right now how long should a transformed should ever be comfortable of course will be alone of Constable Norman because already reached that level of giving and I'm not saying we should not maintain late but during the course of the day let's watch with those moment that it's uncomfortable to give uncomfortable to share and comfortable to extend their self and comfortable to dedicate myself or someone else and comfortable for massive to come eat to help something to help someone to help our cause changes in my life you want to shift for number ten thousand deaths play tennis player in the world to 100 the first one hundred really need to go to some shift and discomfort in the transformation of your style I be the beginning you feel like less than 1000 but as you proceed east will become better give a chance to become number one hundred in the world everything in life you want real transformation it does to do beyond the conference of a lot of people spirituality that are so comfortable dating I see they lied I love people ballistic is about transformation not being good being better Concord those areas and comfortable for me and make them comfortable and then reach the next level course gradually as we doing so you want to open our heart to open our artists and I love to do it it's not easy takes time certain things we love to do in then certain areas we don't think we'll have to do will have to help certain people feel they should but I don't live in the new Transformers have gradually you doing with the right intention to reveal I then you want to reach a level that you love to do it in as you persist you will achieve that transformation important concern element when it comes to giving this many levels of giving is giving to the poor is listening to advice is giving empathy this praying for other people is giving lou just sure this be there to consult is better to truly be there for other people to listen to people people to give warmth and kindness to people deserve speaks about the highest level of giving that revealed the most light of the world the world for the receiver for the give her what is that action is helping another person to transform their consciousness helping another person to overcome the saddam consciousness helping another person in empowering another person to overcome them reactive nature unselfish nature helping another person to understand what's the purpose in life that the couple of schools spreading light sharing when you sharing with you learn with someone else we'd take a policy of yes I would like to inspire someone else about this teaching you are spreading like powering and let a human being to understand the purpose in life powering another person to shift their consciousness which is the seed of bringing blessings this world when I am as a giver involving helping others to transform their consciousness there's no bigger gifts in these I received personally many gifts from the Kabbalah centers for my teachers throughout the camper that the biggest gift I received personally is the ability to be part of inspiring others to transform themselves because what I'm doing actually I'm causing collectively transformation of the world giving someone a fish vs empowering in teaching a person out of fish it's always great to level of giving but it can be physically but spiritually gaming tools and sharing tools when another person out to transform themselves greater that we can do in the EU vote to elevate our consciousness and to bring more like more blessings in the world what can we do with this information but what can we do have to start with simple steps step number one start your day besides asking the light bulb you to recognize your reactivity mutti cool and to be more proactive in the course of the day as the light to help you to be an emotive sharing start to catch yourself injecting the intention at work with friends in a social scenario how can I be a giver how can I add value really selfless not receive anything from the ego for the sake of connecting to the lighting revealing more like pay attention to the test this number 12 until the next session I would like if each one of you will choose two scenarios two people two incidents that you can give and share beyond your comfort zone you know it's tough for you it's maybe about calling someone is revealing something that will not be easy for you but you know will add value to the other person which is about giving beyond your conference and physically can be with money with time with hardly any way possible to actions that you can't really decide to do beside the general conscious intention of you day how can have been more like the lives we realize how selfish we are closed because we're all selfish most of the time actually it's not that we shouldn't because I'm realizing I didn't realize I don't have such a righteous nice guy everybody is a nice guy but indeed what's a percentage of the day to myself alone in my head and fortunately most of the day without proactive decisions and commitment to push forward gonna be by itself is not just am listening to a nice blowjob lesson and that saddam transformed human being everything else I want to change my style my consciousness action have to commit have to proceed rear after reflect and Elam owning and earning a new consciousness and then I need to push to the next level in next level next level

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Kabbalah 1 class5 basic

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