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Wet Paint Wikis in Plain Englsih

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Everyone loves something…that one thing they can't stop thinking about, learning about, and talking about with others Whether it's ninjas Cheesecake Or hairless pets, we each have things we love. Let me tell you about Sarah. Sarah's true love was a vintage scooter Like her, it had personality, charm and good looks. The scooter was more than transportation…it was her obsession. She rode it everywhere. But something was missing. Sarah longed for a way to share her love for vintage scooters with people who felt the same way. Hosting a local scooter club might work, but no one around her loved scooters the way she did. What could she do? Luckily, Sarah's friend told her about a type of website that's perfect for a group of people who are head over heals about something, .... including scooters. He pointed her to Wetpaint. Wetpaint, he said, lets anyone create a wiki website that is easy to use and totally free. He said a wiki is a type of website where everyone can easily pitch-in - no programming required. Just click and type to add stories, videos, photos or anything else. That's the big difference from other sites. A blog is focused just on one person, message boards are limited to messy discussions. Because everyone can pitch in on a wiki – it becomes a useful and organized site created by a group. It's like a potluck dinner on the web - each person brings something special and unique. For the first time, Sarah saw a vision of her future. She would start a new wiki website on Wetpaint that would be a place for people just like her. So she went to to get started. She clicked the big green GO button and in the three easy steps created - her first Wetpaint wiki. Her friend was right - she found Wetpaint wikis really easy to use, always free, and always fun. Over the next few days, Sarah added pages of content, YouTube videos, polls and more. All she had to do was click "EasyEdit" to add or change something and click "Save" to save it. EasyEdit, Add, Save – this was how Sarah built her site. When she felt ready, she sent emails to her scooter friends, inviting them to visit and contribute to her site. Because ScooterSytle was crafted by someone totally in love with vintage scooters, her scooter friends felt right at home. They created accounts and started adding their two cents. Her scooter friends told their scooter friends who told their scooter friends. With this growth, there were even more people to contribute great information, and help Sarah keep the site up to date and useful. The members of ScooterStyle really felt like a community brought together by a love of vintage scooters. YAY! So, what is your passion? Whether it's scooters, sharks or anything in between - Start your very own wiki at

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 35 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Common Craft
Director: Lee LeFever
Views: 4,546
Posted by: leelefever on Nov 26, 2007

A client production for Wetpaint, describing why someone would want to start a wiki.

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