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Lumison Tour

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Hi, I'm Richard Morrell, I'm the Chief Technology Officer at Lumison and I'm here today to talk about a critical part of our infrastructure which is our Datacentres. Most ISPs use third party Data Centres usually because their space requirements are quite small either they've got a couple of routers in a point of presence or they've got a few servers doing virtual hosting. At Lumison though, we have a wide variety of customers with a whole range of equipment all the way from single servers through to storage area networks to mainframes and we have to be able to deal with it all. In 2004, we decided to build our own Data Centre so we could provide the quality of service that our customers expect of us at a price their financial Directors would be happy with. As we have experience of using third party Data Centres in the past, both in the UK and in the United States, we cherry pick the things out of those Data Centres we thought were good and added in a few things we thought were missing. So the things we liked were the things you would expect. High degree of security, high up time and convenient access both at time of installation and when things have gone a bit wrong. The stuff that was missing was the two things you don't really expect to be associated with Data Centres, flexibility and comfort. So for comfort, we provide meeting rooms where you can take time out, have a coffee, meet with third party suppliers and customers and get things right before you go back in the Data room. On top of that, we also provide a 24 by 7 support team who are here to help you in the event that you have any issues so although your on your own in the Data Centre, your not on your own. We have built the resilience needed to support your business with an amenable uptime record. Unlike some facilities, at Lumison you get A and B power supplies as standard, N plus one cooling as standard along with a gas based argonite fire compression system and an enterprise grade maintenance regime overseen by our Data Centre Manager, Jack McArdle. >> Hello, I'm Jack McArdle and I'm the Data Centre Manager here at Lumison. To underpin Lumison's commitment to the quality of our Data Centre facilities, we have invested heavily in building two physically separated power supply plant rooms. Each equipped with diverse UPS's and harmonic filters to ensure that you the customer gets the best clean, redundant diverse power supplies available to your equipment. This is also backed up by two generators which can run for three days in the event of a powercut from the main utility. As part of the ongoing commitment, we have also invested in free air ambient cooling equipment for all our Data rooms which allows close control of your environmental temperatures and humidity and is also environmentally friendly to run compared with normal type systems. We also made innovative use of a process called evaporative cooling into our plant switch rooms. These exhibit a ninety percentage efficiency saving both in carbon and in Electrical usage. All of our facilities are backed up by ISO 9000 process driven policies and procedures to ensure that all your equipment is well looked after by us. All our Data Centre facilities are covered by ISO 27001 certification. As you can imagine, this stuff keeps us fairly busy we take pride in our Data Centres and we look after them so that you don't have to. >> Well I hope this quick tour has given you some sense of why we have invested millions of pounds in our Data Centres since 2004 both in Edinburgh and in London and given you some sense into what our customers come to expect from our facilities. If you have a serious need for Data Centre services backed up by a great team why not give us a call or an email. We would be delighted to welcome you to a tour of the Data Centre either in Edinburgh or London and we hope that maybe the next time your choosing the home of your critical IT, you'll think of Lumison. I hope we'll see you soon.

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Datacentre Demonstration

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