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HAO iPhone 6 / i6 Plus Bumper (English Subtitle / HD)

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Hello everyone! Today we are presenting a new HAO product, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Bumper Normally, customers like to buy a metal bumper for i6 / i6 plus But we do not recommend customers to buy and use metal bumper. Because a metal bumper will scratch the side body of i6/6 plus. We don't recommend this type of bumper. I will recommend iPhone 6/6 plus users to use HAO Bumper (Dual Materials) Inside HAO Bumper has this rubber (TPU material) The main function of rubber is to absorb the impact/shock when iPhone drop to the floor Let's try install the rubber to the iPhone, please wait... This is a real iPhone 6 Let's continue install the metal to the iPhone 6, please wait... HAO i6/6 plus screen protector only cover approximately 95% of the screen Now, HAO screen protector (95%) combine with HAO bumper (5%) makes it close to perfect protection coverage Let's try how good this HAO bumper is... When your i6/6 plus drop to the floor, the HAO bumper will absorb and reduce the risk of screen crack or break Today, we will do some testing on this HAO bumper The height of this glass table is about 110 cm If i6/6 plus drop to the floor from this height without HAO Bumper, the screen will crack or break for sure [HAO Bumper - Drop Test No. 1] iPhone 6 looks fine, nothing happen.. [HAO Bumper - Drop Test No. 2] [HAO Bumper - Drop Test No. 3] [HAO Bumper - Drop Test No. 4] - LCD Screen face downward Let's see, the screen is ok and didn't crack or break But we can see some damage to the HAO bumper already after dropped 4 times to floor. Luckily we have HAO i6/6 plus back protector, if not the back of the iPhone will get scratches As for the camera lens, the rubber thickness is higher than camera lens If i6/6 plus drop on a flat surface, the rubber will hit first before the camera lens. Let's try the drop test on a harder marble floor outside... Let me clarify again, this HAO bumper is to reduce the risk of i6/6 plus screen break or crack [HAO Bumper - Drop Test No. 5] [HAO Bumper - Drop Test No. 6] Chest level [HAO Bumper - Drop Test No. 7] [HAO Bumper - Drop Test No. 8] Throw side way [HAO Bumper - Drop Test No. 9] Ear level Let's see what happen after 9 times drop test The screen, ok - checked Cameras lens, ok - checked I really think this HAO bumper is a good quality protection for i6/6 plus users This video is to show everyone that this HAO Bumper really can protect the i6/6 plus if accidentally dropped to floor Reduce the risk of spending money on screens repair and replacement which is very expensive for i6/6 plus We must clarify that HAO Bumper does not 100% guarantee i6/6 plus screen won't break or crack from dropping It is all depends on luck and also many factors on how you drop the iPhone. For more info on HAO Bumper, please visit us at or contact us: Bryan Lau @ +6019-5100650 / Chris Kher @ +6016-3858538

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Duration: 9 minutes and 31 seconds
Country: Malaysia
Language: English
Producer: HAO Taiwan
Director: Bryan Lau
Views: 173
Posted by: bhlau2 on Dec 18, 2014

iPhone 6 dropped to the floor 9 times and nothing happen with HAO iPhone 6/6 plus bumper?!!

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