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Hello, good morning It's been a while! For sure! Hello, how are you? What did you do this weekend? Oh, I'm fine, I've been watching movies all day That's nice, which ones? I've watched a lot of them but Pride and Prejudice It's the one that I liked the most I don't agree, I think it's not a good movie because of the plot How not?! It's a good one You know, I like romantic films Yeah, me too, but I don't like this one in particulary - Why not? - As I said, I don't like the plot Because it messes with your head and when I finished watching it I didn't know what was the plot I had to search it on the internet Ok, but it was so easy it’s a history story about how families wanted their daughters to be engaged with a rich man. Yeah, I see the point The rich man, in this case, was Mr.Darcy and the poor family was Bennet’s Yeah I got that, but for a plot that simple that you just told me the film’s duration it’s so long that you get lost in the middle of it. I don’t agree with you at all because there has to last that long due to it's not necessary, oh yeah sorry it's necessary, in order to show us the society of the moment, and all of that Well, Yeah yeah... I have an idea, Why don’t we go to the cinema together? Woah! That’s a great plan, when? Tomorrow morning I’m busy, because I have drive lessons Well, in the afternoon I can't I have to revise for my english exams Let me think... Why not on saturday? Sounds cool! I’ll call you on friday to confirm hours and all that Ok, see you I’m a bit late Ok, have a nice day Bye Until saturday.

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Posted by: clauudia on Nov 12, 2019

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