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Congratulations at Chinese Embassy - Nobel Peace Prize 2010 去中国大使馆恭贺和平奖

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Good Morning! Hi! I have flowers for Chinese Embassy. Embassador Zhang. Embassador Mr. Zhang? So you can just go in there. Good, thank you very much. Thank you. I have flowers for Mr. Zhang his Excellency. Thank you. It's a big day for Chinese people. Yeh! Hello! Excellency. Good Morning! Hello! My name is (?) Your Excellency Zhang. On behalf of Dutch people, I would like to give you these flowers. - OK, Thank you very much. - No Problem. Because it is a big day for chinese people today. Uh...What do you mean by that? You know, it's a big day for Chinese people. It's 10th of December. Uh..huh. Because you Chinese people... you have won the Nobel Prize for Peace. Well...but we do have some different thoughts about that. But you should be know, because... you won the Nobel Prize for Peace 2010! For Mr. Liu! - OK! - That's why I want to thank you! And I hope that in the future, Chinese Government will win more prizes for Peace... because the way you treat your people. Great! Do you want to say anything to the Dutch people? Well, thank you...and welcome to the Embassy. We are expecting some students from Leiden University. But, especially for the Nobel Prize. how proud are you to win the Nobel Prize for Peace 2010. Well...I really don't want to say too much about that. But, tell something, please. Generally speaking, you know for China... we do attach great importance to human rights promotion and protection. But, unfortunately, Mr. Liu is now in the prison. We do feel regret that the Nobel Peace Prize is given to Mr. Liu You know, Mr. Liu is...a criminal But it's also for you! But it's also for you! ...put in prison as result of the conviction of Chinese Legal Authorities. Yes, it is unfortunate. They think it not kind of Nobel Prize Commission. It's a big commission. No, no, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has ignored the Will of Mr. Nobel and... (-OK Mr. Zhang...Mr. Zhang...) - they are behind their decision. Mr. Zhang. I have only one question, Mr. Zhang. One question! I don't want to continue with the discussion about that. Mr. Zhang. One question: What are your plans in the future how to treat the people who are getting a Nobel Prize. ...Chinese people, what are your plans for them? To put them in prison? Or not? Our plan is very quite clear: first we will promote the rights and freedom of all the Chinese people and... Great!...Also Mr. Liu? ...based on the rule of law, based on... Also Mr. Liu? You are trying to make a quarrel with me? No, no, no, but ALSO Mr. Liu! I hope you are trying to... Because your government, your people have won the Nobel Prize. We are...the Chinese government has been peaceful for all the Chinese people. It's good! We don't need anybody else to tell us what to do. Thank you. Thank you for that. OK. Thank YOU! Thank YOU! And have a good time with Nobel Prize. I hope you will win a lot of Nobel Prizes in the future. Mr. Zhang. We will. We will. But not as the Nobel Peace Committee is doing now. OK. OK. But I hope they will change for you. Thank you very much for the hospitality. Big day for the Chinese people! Thank you! Bye-bye. Thank you very much for the hospitality and have a good day! Big day for Chinese people!

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Posted by: awfn on Dec 12, 2010

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