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人类历史 78 性交与自慰: 支持停止儿童性侵犯!

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History of Man 78. Sex & Masturbation Support Hi, this is Jack. Ok, so, obviously I have now presented you with a problem, the situation of the world; and here is a solution that I suggest requires absolute, brutal self-honesty, and that you understand that if you do continue with the current sexual expression within existence - within relationships, and even masturbation - understand the consequences of your actions. Understand that those consequences are not only for yourself, but for the rest of humanity. Our implications of our actions are not only unto ourselves, but unto this entire world; and that is the most important point that human beings require to understand. And to actually start realizing what it is that we’re busy doing, and that we’ll 'think twice' - excuse my pun - before we actually do something, and act on something and stop being… no, I’ll get there later. So, in assisting, let’s first start with masturbation. People that masturbate: firstly, stop, okay? I know, it’s easier said than done. 'Yeah, Jack, stop'. I understand that it’s difficult, because you’re so addicted to this energy; it’s all that exists, and you know you’re fucked, but you have no way out. It’s like you can’t stop yourself, you can’t help yourself, these things just come. Okay, what that is? That’s the system. So, how do you assist yourself in stopping that system? Firstly, when you feel yourself become horny - 'horny', you know what I’m saying, when it feels like you can’t stop yourself - what you have to do is the following: Do not resist the energy. Okay, hear me out first. Do not resist the energy, do not judge the energy, and do not act on the energy. That is the most important point, because what do you do when that energy comes? You act on it, you allow your mind to race, you immediately want to masturbate, and you do all sorts of things. Firstly, what do I mean by 'do not resist'? When that energy comes, pull it through you. What I mean is move it, actually move it; but, not in the way of 'causing an orgasmic experience'. What I mean is you have to move that energy, because what happens when that energy starts compounding? That’s when it starts going to your mind and starts activating your thoughts. So, that’s that point of relationship you want to 'sever'. The way you sever that is you have that energy just move, you breathe, you calm down, you just calm down. If your mind goes to any other place of wanting to have porn or use a television, some videos, magazines, materialistic objects, you don’t go there. It is going to be difficult, because you’ve been addicted to this entire scenario. It is not going to be easy - I’m being straightforward here - but, it is about self-control, okay? So, when that energy comes, you just move it through you, you breathe, and you calm yourself down. When your thoughts go, you stop those thoughts, you forgive those thoughts, even if you have to write those thoughts down and look at things, and say: 'Fuck, this is unacceptable.' 'Why did I allow this? How could I allow this?' Then, you don’t become angry at yourself; use that anger and say: 'Til here, no further. I will NOT allow this any longer.' You apply forgiveness on those thoughts. You have to be self-honest. You have to take responsibility for yourself here. No-one is able to do it for you. You forgive those thoughts. You forgive as your mind starts going, just forgive, breathe, calm down. Slow everything down, because what happens when you start getting “horny” is you start racing into that entire situation; and that’s how you feed it. So, what you have to do is you have to calm yourself down, immediately. That’s the first point of practice. Calm it down, okay? Then, you work with it. You move the energy through you. you’ll find that it starts disappearing. It’s interesting, because you’re not using that energy to activate your mind, which activates the thoughts. If you activate those thoughts, that’s when the cycle starts running the whole time, where it gets 'out of control'. So, calm down. If the thoughts do come as you calm yourself down, lie down and forgive those thoughts - anything that comes up. Delete the pictures. Stop the pictures. You’ll find that it will start going away. Remember, it’s a process. It’ll take time. It won’t happen immediately. Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t judge yourself. It’s a system, okay? It’s not you; therefore, it’s impossible for you to judge yourself. All of that guilt that you experience - that remorse, that 'I am fucked up' situation, STOP, because it’s not about that. It’s about you standing and having self-control, okay? It’s self-control and self-responsibility. Okay, now then, human beings addicted to sexual experiences and who are also in relationships, experiencing sex: Firstly, I suggest, if you’re in a relationship, that you both apply forgiveness together first. You check within yourself when you’re having sex. Firstly, ask yourself: 'Why am I having sex? What thoughts are coming up?' 'Did I have pictures coming up in my mind that made me want to have sex?' 'Did there an energetic experience occur within me that made me want to have sex?' Remember, sex is NOT about you being led to experience it through an energetic experience ‘down there’ by your pelvic area or because of thoughts. Did you know that sex is actually an expression of yourself, and that you’re actually constant? That it becomes a 'choice', actually, to express yourself naturally? It’s not something that first starts up within you; and then, you kind of follow it; and then, you have this 'orgasmic sexual experience'. It’s not about that. Who you are is constant; and when you “choose” to express yourself in such a specific way, in terms of sexuality, it becomes an actual 'choice' and then you express yourself freely. I’m placing it in terms of 'choice'; but, that’s basically just for you to understand it. So, human beings who are in relationships and experiencing sex: Before you have sex, make sure that your mind is clear of all pictures - all pictures. Both partners: Make sure that there are no energetic experiences going on inside you that come from the mind, that come from thoughts. Like, you saw a picture, imagining yourself having sex; and then, you want to do it. No, don’t go there, because why? Because you know that’s mind; and when you’re going to experience sex, you’re going to experience and feed the entire mind system. What I suggest, actually, is the following: Don’t have sex for three months - three to six months, actually. Why do I say that? Because, within that, you’re able to clear yourself. When sexual needs or desires and wants come up, you stop it. You stop your thoughts. Why? Because, then, you’re going to realize: 'Am I addicted to sex, or not?' and I’m certain, many human beings will be surprised. Three to six months; and then, you apply yourself effectively, specifically and fervently, until you are actually just clear that there’s nothing that moves within you, that there’s nothing of a separate manifestation that moves you to want to do something. That’s the only practical assistance that I suggest so far. Then, I’m certain, this girl will start speaking about ‘what is self-expression' in terms of sexuality, to assist you from that perspective. Okay, so, this is Jack. Guys, self-control, self-responsibility. Thank you very much.

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