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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~06:44:11 - 06:58:47

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That's enough? Want more? You can drink (more) because it's from the Tea Man Good Morning! Where are you from? France! France! Hey i've got to drink some water! who? Muttu: From? Tourist: Germany Muttu: Which part in Germany? Muttu:What's your name ? Tourist: Andreas Muttu: Andreas. I am Muttu.Nice to meet you. Good Morning! You just arrived to day or yesterday? From Goa? by train... Hampi is a very beautiful place! Its not enough if you stay for one week or one month... Hampi has a lot of temples, like those in the mountains Its take more than one month for each temple (to discover it) There are a lot of mountains like this one.. It's a bit difficult as it's not too bright. It is like an orange! Did you hear the sound? Its a peacock. In french they call it..paon?? Have you seen a peacock? I have seen but not dancing There aren't lots of peacocks. But have you been to the Bear Sanctuary ? Yes.. when I had been there the man had to use honey to attract the bears He puts food and also honey But when it rains he forgets and nobody comes Yes you need a bit of luck to see Peacock or bears same buildings like these are there down there, while coming from the mountains... bears also... Family of Monkeys! Stealing water! Come up! Come up! Try to open it ! It's not possible! Try try ! Satya: Maybe he'll become a human next time Who knows heh ! Ah this one looks nice What is that? Some water? Yeah its water Its water from the rains. Stored in a tank. When its dry season there's hardly any water. In the summer theres no water When you stand from this angle, you get a very good view of the Temple You see the dogs there? The guy there on the roof, he is the temple watchman. The dogs stay with him. You see the second tower? The big one, next to the tower on the left?

Video Details

Duration: 14 minutes and 35 seconds
Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
Director: Rahul V. Chittella
Views: 121
Posted by: globallivesindia on May 29, 2009

Muttu interacts with Satya and another German visitor. He watches the sunrise as Satya captures them on his camera.

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