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Binladen morto

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hidden reality maybe one day appear a new video of Bim Laden threatening the world, perhaps one day return the CIA to use this scapegoat the "devil of the XXI century" that scares the mundo.Mas the min they deceiving each time they appeared on television a video of bin Laden, was more than obvious fraud, the latest Bin Laden had a different face, different nose, dark beard and short (bin Laden would not paint the beard, never did), the voice was also different. Bin Laden, 2004 Bin Laden ,2007 was evident that the CIA was using counterparts, and how the world began to suspect, the CIA went on to reveal only messages from Bin Laden's audio (no image, no video, only audio a few years ago I made a video comparing the old and the other bin Laden, the face, the beard and the voice of each. they are cheating us! Bin Laden is dead my friends! the CIA is lying, I will show some evidence Benazir Brutto,Bezan Brutto, was the first minister in Pakistan and leader of Pakistan People's Party (PPP), it was revealed that bin Laden would be dead, she received information that Pakistani intelligence officers the CIA did not like it because the CIA needs the world to stay scared to think that Bin Laden still leading al-Qaeda, the CIA states that sheep remain frightened and controllable afraid of the "devil of the XXI century" the CIA was involved in the murder of Bezan Brutto, a "terrorist attack" on December 27, 2007, was silenced ... And also had talks with Omashar the man who murdered Bin Laden The following video shows bin Laden wounded, succumbed to the reader ferimentos.agradeço "MLG", my blog, by video link rebels on the border of Chechnya, after receiving an attack from the Russians managed to flee the city for mato.Bin Laden, who was accompanying the operations dajlhad, was badly injured and even being serviced, succumbed to injuries the video was released in 2006 and republished on youtube in 2007 but was shot before, possibly in 2005, when several anti-terrorist military factions were due lá.Bin Laden was older (bald), and wearing a black shirt and no turban (In which aCIArevela videos, bin Laden looks younger, because the videos are former CIA when he was younger, and are edited) The following video contains images that may hurt the susceptibility of sensitive individuals

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Posted by: javimoya on Apr 23, 2010


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