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Teach you Design of: SUBCONSCIOUS Mind and Thought Development

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Subconscious Mind - Design of the Subconscious Mind Hi there this is the, subconscious mind, communicating about myself Now the conscious mind has given you a, 'overview', of it's existence Now, myself and 'the conscious mind', work together as one, in a 'synchronized relationship' I am certain, that many human beings, have heard about the concept of 'the sins of the fathers', being passed down from 'generation to generation' Now, this 'statement' is in, specific manifestation, and this 'occurs' in all, families- constructs, in all family placements within and as this world let me give you an example, when a baby is conceived, within the mother's womb and, the baby is 'developing' now while and as the baby is developing within the mother's womb the mind consciousness system, was inserted, so that the being which is a dimensional being, incarnating within this world develops within and as the human physical body 'along with' the mind consciousness system in it's entirety Now as the baby is being born within the mother's womb there is a 'transference' that happened, which is called 'the statement', which is- which I'd refer to as a statement, the sins of the pas- the sins of the father's being passed on 'from generation to generation' where, 'downloaded information' from the mother, and the father subconscious mind and of, their parents before them and then, their parents 'their parents' before them information 'the entire family trees' downloaded information manifest as this baby's subconscious mind, in the mother's womb Now Thus, I as the subconscious mind, when a baby's being born contained all the downloaded information of the parents, generations before them etc. etc. etc. As the baby grows up, in this world, or comes of age I as the subconscious mind 'starts' developing - the conscious mind Now, what I mean by developing is the conscious mind starts activating as the baby that comes of age in this world, starts participating in the world, and as Life continues, all the downloaded information of me as a subconscious mind "starts becoming" the child's personality, and a child "uses" it's selected a few, information from me as a subconscious mind, 'to design' his or her own personality and then, starts, going through the process of 'thinking' where is- where the conscious mind comes in So, from me, the subconscious mind, I develop thoughts inside the conscious mind so from me as a subconscious mind, all the information come together at one singular point the information 'shoot up' into the conscious mind, and the thought manifest and so the child starts, developing shaping, forming him or herself according to this world - family friends school teachers, television pictures toys, anything, and everything So depending on the family influence and depending on the schooling the teachers, and friends etc and who's around the child as the child grows up the child will start developing his or her own 'personality' from within me as subconscious mind, from 'downloaded information' from the parents and the parents before them etc. etc. etc Thus, know! human being, in this world that has got 'individual personality' though this 'apparently individual personality' is Derived 'from the same information' downloaded from the parents Thus, the children 'become the exact copy' - of their parents, of their entire family and that's why there is conflict that, arise between 'parents and their children', and why, children and parents tend to grow apart, later in Life or in puberty apparently when they're you know 'going through that stage of Life' - apparently, and rebel - apparently when actually it's the children, reflecting to the parents - 'who they are' So actually children in this world, are reflecting their own parents So parents, careful look at your children your children are actually showing you 'who you are' and what you have accepted and allowed yourself to become and thus children actually start 'living', their Parent's Lifes Because the moment the child- the moment the parents have a child, the parent's Life Stops! to a certain extent and "now" it's the "child's turn", to continue the parents Life because the parents are going to die eventually So the child now has to 'be born', you know and be prepared to continue living the 'era of the parents', that the whole entire consciousness unified field can 'continue', existing, in and of this world Now the unified, consciousness field will be explained by the 'unconscious mind' but here is just some perspective of how I subconscious mind and the conscious mind exist in, creating and forming the personality of human beings in what they have become which consists of downloaded information from the parents, so you are not individual you are 'copy or duplicate' you may have some 'traits' that differ but those traits could come from great great great great great! grandparents that no one would obviously remember who the hell they were or even how they 'behave' or how they act, or how they spoke! but there is no human being in this world that has yet, express the individuality of 'Life' of oneness in equality, and that is where, we are assisting and supporting all of existence to stand and experience because this has to stop, you know, it is, it is atrocious to even realize, I understand that: God! I have been a program all my Life, I've been a mind conscious subconscious, unconscious what else is there? that's what we are just showing you, there is 'something else' which is you - as who you are which is all- which we all are which is Life - of oneness in equality So we here giving you 'perspective', of what we have accepted and allowed 'in existence' So we can stand up, and say: Till here no further Thank you very much. this is the subconscious mind Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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