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Who is Peter Joseph? [BEHIND THE SCENES!] by Charles Robinson

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...hence in the culture, and I'm afraid I can't shake it so I continue to pursue music on my own. I'd like to get some of it on camera if that's okay. You'd like me to play music... I thought people would like to see it. Alright, I can play something real fast. ...of course you're going to get a lot of muddy sounds on that camera with all this. Hello, my name is Charles or Charles Robinson to you. I'm the producer of "Who is Peter Joseph?" Peter asked me to post something regarding some attack videos online about him and the film so I decided to do a little behind the scenes thing about what I've done. So you're a King Crimson fan, Charles? Oh yeah, yeah, more like the older stuff. First of all, Robinson is not my last name and I have no intention of revealing my identity at all. Sorry to be dishonest, but if I had to put up with all the shit Peter puts up with these days, I would have already gone berserk a long time ago. As far as background, I've been an acquaintance of Peter for a good while and I'm also an aspiring filmmaker so I asked one of my friends to get me in touch with him as I wanted to meet him for an interview project to experiment with and learn more. I knew then that Peter was a brilliant guy, and as with many was subject to all sort of attacks. So I suggested that he let me do a little video about his life. I shot the film, took the footage, then I got really busy with school and didn't have time to finish it until about February. In fact, it wasn't until Peter got in touch to tell me about some attacks online about his family that I got my ass in gear and pushed it into completion. And I sent it to Peter and he suggested some changes such as adding some supporting images of his family. When he sent me the images, I putted them into the timeline and then finished it up. I then putted it online virtually the same day. And that's about it. Introduce yourself, focus on some background, since I think that's what everyone wants to hear about. My name is Peter Joseph... So what about the Zeitgeist 1 debunkers... Zeitgest 1 debunkers... It's become a cottage industry for people to... I don't put that much credence into it. I'm certainly not bothered by it. I'm certainly not bothered by... The whole thing... I'm amused by it more than anything else because it just relays the childish nature of where we are at this stage. So, I hope this settles any nonsense. A (very short) film by Charles Robinson

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Duration: 3 minutes and 52 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Charles Robinson
Director: Charles Robinson
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Posted by: cdf83 on Aug 12, 2010

[Updated 8/12: added better intro - color correction - fixed end audio- processed the drums stuff in an attempt so it isn't so muddy...]
I made this video at the request of Peter (though he didn't know I put in his awesome drumming!) for a bunch of kids calling themselves "ANON" have been spreading propaganda that I don't exist... Well - here is a little piece I tried to make interesting.

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