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karen berg weekly message protection

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Our discussion tonight is about spiritual energy and how to protect ourselves so that we can form a framework for our family, for others around us, people that are dear to us. One of the things I wanted to touch base with you on is of course you know that the trips, when we go to the tzadikim, to the righteous people, what we are asking them for is even when we do the stupidest miskates that they should work out for the benefit because of their protection. And that's great if that's all we had to do but one must know that it's not enough just to ask. It must be included in the actions in which that we do. In other words, there is something that says something very interesting. That if you pray for yourself, if you want something for yourself the first thing one needs to do is ask for somebody else. And by the way, pray for yourself at the same time but it must come from a place that it's not only my personal agenda. You know that we use, and I think that probably Eliyahu will discuss this with you, We talk about we're going into a meeting and we're going to see people and we're not so sure what their energy is about to just simply meditate that there is a white light surrounding our body. Just as a protective shield like a cocoon so that when we go into that meeting, these people cannot penetrate with negativity. But in order to do that and in order that the red string that we wear works in order for all these things to happen we must have a kind of personality that warrants that protection. It would be nice to say that, you know, that we are capable who we are, to protect ourselves from anything. But the only thing that truly protects us is what we do in our daily lives to become more spiritual and in that involvement, in that enlightenment, in that growth, we can find the protection from negative actions. Every time that we take something in our lives that is difficult and turn it around and make something out of it for ourselves and for others, we create a protective energy. You know, I like to say this, I'm sure you've heard this before but we know that there is such a thing as an ozone layer in the sun and because of all the negative things that they have spilt into this earth the cans of all kinds of chemicals, they've created holes in the ozone layer. Well guess what? Human beings have something called an aura. It surrounds their entire body. And every time we create negative action we create a hole in our own ozone layer, in our own aura. We create enough holes that we wind up with disease D i s e a s e. A separation from the light force. The more negative things we do the more we separate. You know, it's interesting, a lot of people move away from spirituality, they find a better life with out it. It's much easier to find out why we're absolutely right when we create negative actions, then it is to say, you know what? I think I'm going to try to change that. I think I'm going to try to look inside myself find the reason, the core, of by which why I do what I do and correct and change it. With that effort yes, now we can use this shield this beautiful shield. We can use the energy, of the tzadikim and the energy of prayer but remember all of that without our personal effort to become a more and more involved with the light force of the creator, can be for nothing. You know there is a beautiful thing I heard, that I think was from Yehuda HaNasi he said, if you learn Torah that's wonderful if you teach it to others, now you've earned it. And I think that is a lesson that we have to go, not from the space of me, my end, what I need but what I can do for someone else so that my needs will be fulfilled. Enjoy the lecture. Thank you.

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