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Brazil Marijuana March 2008 - Recife / Pernambuco

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(Here Bebe, here Bebel...) "... through the streets of Ancient Recife, the demonstration came to its closure in front of the monument to Chico Science" [report by Brazil's GLOBO network... not an easy one] [Legalize it, Globo!!] Marijuana March / Recife - May 4th, 2008 "My name is Joel Câmara, I am a criminal lawyer, I am from the Citizenship Defense Association, and I think drug repression only stimulates criminality. This stupid repression is anti-democratic and illegal. It is definitely not intelligent. We need to live democracy in all its different aspects. Not only when everybody agree with us, but also when they disagree. Let's promote an intelligent debate. Hey Mr. Old Guys, we are about to leave to the young people a much worse world compared to what we inherited. It is all our fault. Let's face the situation and do some self-criticism, before repressing the young." [In Pernambuco there are 10 farms planting marijuana. There already is a federal law seizing those properties for land reform.] "Congratulations to the people of Pernambuco, the people of Recife, we all deserve a standing ovation we have built a movement of users and non-users which is leading society to debate the legalization of marijuana and that is what we want. We are not here to promote the use but we understand that marijuana prohibition has only resulted in more violence in the city, has only resulted in more corruption in the police system, and it is not bringing any kind of happiness to the general society, and to Pernambuco." "There has been a lot of time since I last smoked, you know? But with this here... it brings me strong emotions because Recife is an ultra-conservative city and to watch such a demonstration... no kidding, bro. Even because they have not liberated it in some states and here we are doing this... i am stunned! And look, I am an 'urban poet'... and I am stupefied. With all those beautiful and peaceful people and there has been no fight yet, This is good, cause it proves that pot heads are not violent people This a big lie. Problems for the police today, is that there will be no incidents. Not one! It is even possible that we will go there and hug them all. 'How was it my love? No incidents today!" "The ones who do not allow the decriminalization of marijuana are the drug dealers who in this case, gather with the conservative sectors of society. We are sorry that in other capital cities in Brazil the justice system have prohibited this democratic demonstration. And unfortunately, the Public Prosecutors, the justice system, complicit with this conservatism, does not prevent the publicity over the 'death penalty' when those fascists go to the TV to defend this kind of penalty, they are not accused of promoting homicides." images and edition: Daniel Castelo Branco music: Crazy Baldheads - Bob Marley [yea, marijuana!!] Recife 2008

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Country: Brazil
Producer: Daniel Castelo Branco de Sá
Director: Daniel Castelo Branco de Sá
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Posted by: josemurilo on May 14, 2008

May 4th, 2008 - Apolo Street, 14Hs - Sunday - 1500 participants.

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