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Here are 15 interesting facts about insects Number one, the cockroaches is the fastest insect in the world they can cover up to 1 meter ground per second. Number two, the color of the insect blood is yellow this is partly because they don't carry oxygen through that blood. Number three, a lot of warmer locusts can eat up to 1900,000 tons of corn in the day. This amount of corn could feed two million people for nearly a year. Number four, the longest variety of insects is the giant walking stick. Which is a type of stick insect from southeast Asia. They can reach up 35 centimetres long. Number five, female fleas are able to confirm about 15 times their own body weight each day. Number six, the brain of a cockroach is located with the next body and a cockroach is able to supply nearly a week without its head before dying. Number seven, honey bees wings can move at ninety times per second, that's eleven thousand four hundred times in a minute. Number eight, male horns bettles are able to follow to one thousand one hundred forty - one times their own bodies weighs. That increments of the human dragon six fully their butaca buses Number nine: the larger insect in the world is the little variety giant weta they can wear to 71 grounds and can grow 8.5 centimeters long. Number ten: flies can jump up to two hundred times the round body high. this is equivalent to the human jumping high the Empire States Building in New York. Number eleven: some spices of dragon fly, can fly to fifty marks per hour. Number twelve: the maricopa harverest ant, has the stament of the increasement. of being bite by twelve honey bees. Number thirteen: male mosquitoes do not bite, only the female mosquitoes bite and feed on blood. Number fourteen: a rhinocerous beetle, can support up to 850 times their own body weigh from his back, that would be the equivalent of a human carrying 76 family sized cars on their back. Number fifteeen: a bee must visit more than 4000 flowers, in order to make just one tea spoon of honey.

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In this video we can learn interesting facts about insects, that probably we didn't know.

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