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Abby Martin ZDay 2015 Berlin

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Thank you. One human family living on one organism. Yet man is embroiled in a war against himself. Unfortunately this bleeding truth hasn't yet been realized by the vast majority of humans living on Earth. The war against ISIS, Russia and now laughably Venezuela are dominating the headlines in the latest front of the information war but a far more deadly war has been waged against the organism that we all share. We face the most severe environmental crisis in the history of this planet. Deforestation is at the rate of 36 football fields per minute. Floating trash island the size of Texas across the Pacific and half of the world species has been wiped out in the last forty years because of habitat loss and pollution. And just the last thirty years climate change has already caused a tripling of natural disasters with scientist predicting irreparable tipping point by the year 2020. Ironically that’s the same year that Obama has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 17%. 17%! WOW! Well, how can climate change solutions be taken seriously without a massive overhaul of the agricultural industry without a complete termination of military industrial complex. The Pentagon is the biggest polluting institution in the world and is exempt from the all international climate treaties. “Good job” guys. The climate change disinformation campaign has gone to a point of such absurdity that Texas’s state Environmental Protection Department “STATE DEPARTMENT” has banned the use of the terms climate change and sustainability in all reports and emails. That’s the point we are at now. It’s an issue that should supersede politics but a corporate controlled press run by oil and gas won’t dare undermine its sponsors. And the establishment showcases alternate reality. Media hysteria abounds about planes and Iran’s non-existent nukes yet there is an eerie, eerie calm about the issues that most severely impact us and what we can do to fix them. Of course the population remains dumbed down complacent and willfully blind. Maybe the CEOs' lobbyists and politicians are shortsighted because they are all building their own Elysium and they don’t give a fuck if we all die but the majority of them are inevitably just changing deck chairs on the Titanic and they know it. Deep down everyone knows the truth. Every last vestige of this precious planet has been pillaged without consequence. Endless consumption and unfettered capitalism will not and cannot last! And every single empire falls.

That's just matter of time. The system blatantly protects the bottom line, resists any substantial change with military force and police aggression to keep the old guard. The Elites at the helm will never capitulate their security for the good of humanity and I don’t know how about you but once the system doesn’t work for 99,999 % of us, might be time for a new one. I know all of you guys know this already otherwise you wouldn’t be here and thank fuck for Peter Joseph’s not only incredibly mind-blowing three-part documentary series Zeitgeist, but first follow up work with the Culture in Decline. All necessary mandatory viewing for everyone and all which dismantle this toxic conventional wisdom that strangles us in our mental development And I’m more than ecstatic to be part of annual event. That offers a different path than the crash course of hell - that humanity is bulldozing down and Peter’s work really helped me. It helped my political awakening a lot. Before RT I was doing anti-war organizing but once I saw the media selling the Iraq war across party lines I realized that there’s something very systematically wrong and corrupted and it crossed all barriers and I realized that media was really the number one battle because if you don’t have a platform to tell your message, no one will hear it. And seeing the power of Peter’s video work to shatter religious, political, economic dogma inspired the hell out of me. And I was also inspired by the trajectory of the series which not only deconstructed the systems of control but presented an entirely new realm of possibilities. Around that same time I started a little website called Media Roots. It started as a hub for sensitive information and it grew into multimedia, citizen journalism project which eventually brought me to Russia Today and then Breaking the set. And it was a dream job to attack power on an international platform but I decided that I want to be meeting the people behind the stories and telling them myself independent from any State or corporate entity. I don’t just want to react to mainstream media’s circle jerk off fuckery. These issues deserve in depth analysis and substances discussion which is everything that we’ve seen here today. Hence the problem with the 24 hour News cycle, right? It incessantly reacts to what these corporate elite assholes create for us. That’s their reality. And just to emphasize this point Bush lackey – yet I don’t know if any of you know who Karl Rove is - brazenly told the New York Times back in 2004, a reporter name Ron Suskind, he said this: “We are an empire now and when we act we create our own reality. And while you are studying not too judiciously as you will we’ll act again, creating other new realities. Which you can study too and that’s just how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors and you, all of you will be just left to study what we do.” Unfortunately he’s right. Reality is dictated by out of touch warmongering elite that doesn’t apply to the reality that 99,9% of us live every day. And it’s only able to sustain on fear and war. And there’s nothing the establishment fears more than a populace not living in fear. People are disillusioned of course. They’ve been called crazy. they’ve been called conspiracy theorists for wanting more than two parties in America. For questioning ludicrous, paradoxical foreign policy. They also want sustainable energy! ¾ of Americans want to transfer to wind. 71% wanna transfer to wind power, I’m sorry, solar and wind according to Gallup in 2013. I’m not sitting up here saying I have all the answers and I don’t think anyone out here claims to. But a technological Resource Based Economy is the most thought-provoking and ground breaking solution I’ve seen in the crises of civilization we face. And there’s an extensive roadmap on how to get there. We don’t have to wait for anyone but ourselves to start implementing the ideals either. Because we are all agents of change, we are all vessels of truth and we can push our communities towards seismic sustainable shifts in the way we live right now. Other countries already have a different approach. I recently had the chance to visit Cuba and not like has the country have a complete organics renaissance but there aren't commercials telling you what a worthless piece of shit you are and also there’s no corporate chains that have eviscerated local culture. The most spectacularly is Cuba’s medical internationalism. It sent the world’s largest contingent of doctors, 66 different countries have helped the professionals operating right now, and it has a medical school that trains people for free to become doctors. Of course it wasn’t out of altruism. The long imposed economic blockade on Cuba has forced it to become self sufficient and fiercely community-oriented. Clearly the country is far from perfect and I’m not saying that communism obviously I know that that’s not the way to go. We’ve seen it failed time and again. But the obvious take away remains in the tremendous amount of good that can be done with such little resources. I mean if this is what an economically crippled nation can do what can the richest country in the world do with the resources that we have if people came first. Of course every government that has tried to incorporate different economic models gets systematically crushed, USA ideas out there around the world subverting every sort of alternative with covert spending for regime change. In Cuba still despite normalization process they’re spending 20 million dollars a year on the ground. 56 years after the Cold War and America can’t let a small socialist nation live in peace. It’s fucking unbelievable and Venezuela... Obama just announced it's an extraordinary security threat to America. He has quote deep concerns about its human rights abuses. Yet America’s staunchest ally Saudi Arabia summarily executes people by sword, public floggings of bloggers at public squares, it’s quite astounding. Of course these issues are deep-routed and they’re deeply interconnected. This is about hegemony and the clutches of global capitalism will not give up easily. The system can't afford alternatives. And we’ve seen how far it will go. With no remorse, it's a machine that runs on death and destruction, having institutionalized structural violence that kills millions of our brothers and sisters every day around the world and we can’t sit idly by and be passive actors watching this happen. No one has to go without water in Detroit or freeze to death in bombed out Gaza. Because we have the resources to provide everyone. Would you like your mother or brother starve to death in the streets? NO! Because we belong to the Commons and the Commons belongs to us. The revolution of values is an extension of empathy and understanding, compassion, humility globally. It means the shattering of the illusion of me as separate from you, as us as separate from the dirt under our concrete jungle. It comes with expending consciousness, media, literacy, critical thinking and sharing this information and most importantly it’s about being the change building the alternatives ourselves! That’s why I believe that this movement is unstoppable. The ideas it’s spawned will create the reality, our reality of a sustainable future Because if we don’t do something drastic we’ll just become casualties in the war being waged against us and every living thing on this planet. On this pale blue dot. As Carl Sagan said: “In our obscurity and all these vastness there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.” Thanks.

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Abby Martin, ZDay 2015 Berlin, Germany March 14th The Zeitgeist Movement

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