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Hi, welcome to the first broadcasting of History of Photography as we see in the video being broadcast now We have come a long way when it comes to the still image and moving image so much so that cameras Ultra High Definition have a totally affordable price the photos are taken on any occasion and videos can be performed worthy of a film which would be very costly in the twentieth century This time we will see how we got to this through major photographer in the history of Colombia's This time we will see the important meaning of the image in history especially in the twentieth century We are talking about Manuel H Manuel Humberto Rodriguez Corredor the character we see in this moment born on July 14, 1920 in Bogotá recognized as a chronicler Photographer let us say so the first is devoted to photography of bullfighting was his hobby, his passion but obviously, because of who settled in Bogotá had to tell through his camera, Colombian history events such as bogotazo as we see in this moment and photographed turbulent events, successful events as the crowning of the Miss Universe and other political and popular events in the history of Bogotá that story that could only be portrayed through the lens of Manuel H he snapshot captures the history a heartfelt story, a story that is not crossed speech the image is sincere itself He is the great lesson that leaves photograph chronic Manuel H és the most important legacy that he leaves us I invite you to continue seeing more capsules "History of Photography" thank you for your attention

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Posted by: vincent90 on Mar 28, 2015

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