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How to make quick easy steak salad

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[howdini, get yourself a guru] [Nikki Shaw, Kraft Kitchens] Hi, I'm Nikki Shaw from the Kraft Kitchens. We know that summertime and grilling go hand in hand. [Easy Steak Salad] So try our quick and easy steak salad. Kraft cheese crumbles and Kraft Light Zesty Italian Dressing help beef up the flavor and take salad to a whole new level. My flank steak is already sizzling nicely on the grill. So while that's cooking, I'll prep my yellow peppers. In order to give it an extra layer of flavor, I'm going to brush on some Kraft Light Zesty Italian Dressing. I'll put it on the inside and the outside of my pepers. Add your peppers to the grill, sizzling nicely next to my steak. Now, you want to grill your peppers for about 6-8 minutes on the grill, turning them occasionally, but make sure they stay crisp and tender. I'm going to take it off the grill. Ooh, my meat looks great and my peppers are just right. Now I need to slice my yellow peppers and slice my flank steak. My peppers are still crisp and tender, just like I wanted them, and they're hot. Notice which way your grain goes in your flank steak. What you want to do is use a sharp knife and cut against the grain. I'm turning my knife just a little bit so I have a nice angle, and I'm cutting, again, across the grain. That's the key. Here comes the fun part. Everything is nicely sliced up. We'll build our salad now. First, grab a handful of romaine and place it in the center of your plate, a few slices of red tomatoes. Add your sliced yellow peppers. Next, add you flank steak. The steak is perfect because it's nice and pink on the inside. After that, add a few Kraft cheese crumbles on top. Then drizzle on your Kraft Light Zesty Italian Dressing. This salad will be perfect with a few slices of multigrain baguette. It looks like our recipe lived up to its name, Quick and Easy Steak Salad. It's a cinch to create, and it's perfect for all your summer gatherings. []

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Posted by: howdini on Aug 30, 2010

Nikki Shaw for the Kraft Kitchens shows how to make a quick & easy grilled steak salad. Grilled steak, yellow peppers, romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes and crumbled cheese. Quick, easy and delicious!

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