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Crash Cousre K1 : karen Breg intro

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Welcome to The Kabbalah Center. If you're watching this video, chances are that you are a new student. So, I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Karen Berg, and I am The Spiritual Director of The Kabbalah Centers around the world. Let's go back forty years, to tell you the story of our lineage. When I first met Rav Berg, many, many years ago, Kabbalah was a word seldom spoken. And if it was learned, it was in little groups usually of men, over the age of forty, someplace in an obscure village or town. And then, Karen Berg came on the scene. And I met The Rav, and we started to talk, and he started to teach me. Now, the whole story you can read in any of the books and many of our teachers can tell it to you. But, in any event, me and Rav started to study. And when I realized that the great impact this type of a learning could have with other people I decided to go and teach it to the world. And Rav said, "But we can't do that, its never been done before." I said, "So? What does that mean to me?' And he said, "But you don't understand, the establishment will be against us, the religious groups will be against us. You know, they could hang us up for that!" And I said, "Well, at least, you know, we've got a purpose. Because if not then really, what is our purpose together? What is that we are supposed to do with each other if not to bring this wisdom to the masses." And with that, I took, being a totally secular person, and had no particular religious experiences. Only my field was more the spiritual. I had books on astrology, on reincarnation. And of course The Rav was a little bit irate, because that was not part of his study group. And I said to him, "Look, if its here, and if what you're teaching, your spiritual beliefs are truly all inclusive it must be there. Just find them!" And so, today, we have classes in astrology, in reincarnation, and in all various types. There are teachers today teaching the sixth sense, which is about things we do not see and feel. All of those things transpired because we, together, where able to sit and join minds and bring this to the people. Today, there are millions of people all over the world studying. We have fifty study groups and thirty centers and growing by the minute. But it isn't ... that's not for you tonight the most important thing, The most important thing is ... you! Connect to your teacher. You connect the study that you are about to receive in your life. Eventually what is going to happen, and I can write it for you, is that your life will start to change. You will see things in a different vision. You will be able to connect to different people in your life, in a different way. But one thing you need to understand is that me, the teachers, the mentors and all the peoples that are gathered around you, to help you on your journey, are there through the courses and people, to help you become all you can be. I wish you great success on your journey and a lot of fulfillment in your life's work finding out why you were put here and what your purpose is for being with us. God Bless. Have a great evening.

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